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“In August and September, more than a million people dropped out of the workforce. Eighty percent of them were women.”

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August September

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Remember the #LaptopFromHell ? Brand new information reported about massive payments from the Chinese Communist Party to the Biden Cartel. Here’s the breakdown: #ChalkTalk 

A key point about Trump's official legal team and other allies pursuing important cases independently. The Sidney Powell case is effectively a criminal case, and she continues to aggressively pursue it. The campaign's case is primarily a Constitutional one. Both can work.

Charts: Covid Deaths in Europe Are Overwhelmingly Among Those Over 60

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Donald Trump finally found someone with a too-crazy conspiracy theory about the 2020 election

Now would be a great time to denounce this, @GOP  how embarrassing. Our party needs to be better than giving credence to these insane conspiracy theories.

Transport minister Rachel Maclean can't give Lords number of toilets needed in Kent for Brexit congestion "the reason why I can't give you a number of definitive number of toilets, because my understanding is there are some details, still to be worked out"

AstraZeneca EVP: Hoping for coronavirus vaccine dialogue with FDA ‘sooner than later’ || On Parler@Maria @MorningsMariab @FoxBusinessrtiromotv 

'Very stressful': COVID-19 surge slices U.S. demand for big Thanksgiving turkeys