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Warning: Do NOT get into a breath-holding contest with a naked mole rat
Warning: Do NOT get into a breath-holding contest with a naked mole rat

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In 2015, Marawa Ibrahim—aka Marawa the Amazing — set the current world record by keeping 200 hula hoops aloft simultaneously. While most people rely on their hips, knees, and ankles to keep their Hula-Hoop aloft, Marawa recruits her whole body.
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Facebook is sucking up extremely sensitive, personal medical data from collaborating apps, even when users aren't on Facebook.

It's hard to be surprised by Facebook after the endless avalanche of scandals, but this is still shockingly outrageous.
San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, a legendary advocate for the accused and outspoken watchdog on police misconduct, has died.

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'His intention was not to commit a crime, his intention was to take his baby home.' Thank you @Charlesliewa for doing this
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A few months ago, I realized I couldn't read a book, watch a movie, or sustain a conversation without being distracted by my phone.

So I started a 30-day phone rehab program with @Catherine_Price, and it changed my life.
First Model 3 deliveries in China!
Guess we just feel like listening to this over and over 🎧
Hear @JohnMayer's new song and find some hidden messages in his This Is playlist
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Everyone will have a website - 2002

Everyone will have a store - 2019
This is the human equivalent of a car wash.
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When you read this story about how New Orleans reduced homelessness by 90%, you realize that the answer is not rocket science: Get people into housing, then work on their other issues after that.
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