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Faith is nourished by memory: how many wonderful things God has done for us! How generous is our heavenly Father!
Mary, Mother of tenderness who is always near, teach us how to live and have faith.
Still today there are so many martyrs, so many who are persecuted for the love of Christ. They are the real strength of the Church!
Thanks to the gift of the Eucharist, our lives too become “bread broken” for our brothers and sisters.
In silence we learn to contemplate God’s works, which surpass all our imagination.
When we place ourselves at the service of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters we experience the joy of unconditional love.
The Kingdom of God grows in a mysterious and surprising way throughout the world with the power of a tiny seed.
Evil tries to convince us that death is the end of everything. But the Risen Christ reveals a new dimension of eternal life!
Jesus reveals the love-filled face of God.
The disciples’ experience on Mount Tabor is an invitation to us to abandon worldly things and to contemplate Jesus.
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