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Let us ask for the grace to open our eyes and hearts to the poor in order to hear their cry and recognize their needs. #WorldDayofthePoor
Nobody can delude themselves by thinking, “I’m fine because I’m not doing anything wrong”. To be a follower of Jesus it is not enough not to do wrong, because there is good that we must do!
"The Kingdom of God is in your midst." It is not spectacular. It grows in silence, in hiding, through witness, prayer, and the attraction of the Spirit. #SantaMarta
Jesus is not pleased with a “percentage of love”: we cannot love him at twenty, fifty or sixty percent. It’s all or nothing.
The first step to knowing Jesus Christ is to recognize our own poverty and our need to be saved.
Let us pray today for bishops so that they may always be what Saint Paul calls them to be: humble, gentle, servants. #SantaMarta
Sunday is a holy day for us, sanctified by the celebration of the Eucharist, which is the living presence of the Lord among us and for us. #sundaymass
The scientific community today is called to establish a leadership that offers solutions for the sustainable and integral development of all peoples, which is indispensable for building peace. #WorldScienceDay
Where there is sin there is also the merciful Lord God who forgives if you go to Him. #SantaMarta
May the Lord help us understand the logic of the Gospel, that of mercy with bearing witness. #SantaMarta
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