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Polygon is a website for the renaissance gamer. That's a fancy way of saying we write about Game of Thrones sometimes. But usually games.

Latest Scoops

Pokémon Go maker Niantic now worth about $4 billion, says Wall Street Journal https://t.co/0GF14a3oYI
PICO-8 posts an Advent calendar of browser mini-games all month https://t.co/hOt8XOb76t
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Charles Martinet’s 100th credit as Mario https://t.co/CkzlD7YyLX
Stardew Valley creator back-burners other project to focus on new content https://t.co/i1i2GwPB7w
Get free Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on PC for testing Google’s Project Stream https://t.co/yQPXW7yvyn
Half dad, half Terminator, Mortal Engines’ Shrike is the film’s best character. Here’s how he was brought to life: https://t.co/6KUWYRTNLP
Gris mirrors the stages of grief through art, sound and design https://t.co/EGsfJpB8YR
Heroes of the Storm pros vent sadness and anger after Blizzard’s kills the game’s esports future https://t.co/s0qEBS5y2i
Pokémon Go’s holiday event drops gifts for two weeks straight starting next week — and some new Pokémon too: https://t.co/lyIjFBifVu
Civilization 6’s next expansion adds Canada and all things Canadian — including the Mounties and ice hockey. https://t.co/iPVRCAqJ4A
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