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Polygon is a website for the renaissance gamer. That's a fancy way of saying we write about Game of Thrones sometimes. But usually games.

Latest Scoops

Tom Holland just revealed the full title of his Spider-Man sequel https://t.co/epa24urrz6
The former QA tester Epic accused of leaking Fortnite’s season 4 details has replied with a defense: https://t.co/f3ED7v23DZ
TanaCon was organized in retaliation to VidCon; organized by YouTube creators for YouTube creators and fans. The con quickly devolved into chaos before it was forced to shut down following safety concerns.

Here’s what the first TanaCon was like. https://t.co/g0Z6dGhWeU
Splatoon 2 is a multiplayer game first — so how will the added, upcoming Nintendo Switch Online fee affect the fanbase? https://t.co/3N6fdjLQTj
Summer Games Done Quick 2018 kicks off Sunday at 12:30 p.m. ET. Here’s who to watch on the first day, and everything you need to know about the weeklong marathon. https://t.co/gAD0V4sCe1
Wattam, from the creator of Katamari, looks like a happy game about friendship — but it’s actually way more political than that. https://t.co/vXunYyrSOK
PSA: The NES Classic is back in stock on Friday, June 29. It’s still $59.99.

TanaCon, the VidCon alternative that was shut down after thousands of fans swarmed the hotel it was being held in, can not "continue as is" without risking everyone's safety, management team says. https://t.co/isM5FuOfBk
First-round pick Kevin Knox showed his love for Fortnite at the NBA Draft with a custom suit jacket https://t.co/vw8C65Yavx
Happy 25th anniversary, Dragon's Lair!

The short but sweet life of an unforgiving 80s arcade game: https://t.co/YFbLFyU5Ne
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