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Polygon is a website for the renaissance gamer. That's a fancy way of saying we write about Game of Thrones sometimes. But usually games.

Latest Scoops

Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu is taking a break as he fights off fatigue: https://t.co/nioE8RqR5k
Activision opens up on Black Ops 4’s PS4 timed-exclusive stuff https://t.co/oY3LximGzv
The Dragon Prince’s end credits are part of the greater story, writers say https://t.co/Oo1uGxXfns
Disney CEO suggests the X-Men franchise would go to Marvel Studios, and would be overseen by the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Kevin Feige. https://t.co/RztsS5fLIs
Look back at the history of Dragon Quest with series creator Yuji Horii https://t.co/MnVyKmaT3k
Transference is a VR horror game that explores themes of domestic abuse. https://t.co/PEeJIpJqEe
PlayStation Vita manufacture and shipping ends in 2019, Sony executive says, surprising no one. https://t.co/EJlQRHiDUL
Nintendo eShop adds Valkyria Chronicles 4, Cities: Skylines and more this week. https://t.co/OVs6REbue6
New Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer is never gonna give you up. It’s never gonna let you down. It’s never gonna run around and desert you. https://t.co/2DXkMeoUge
By the way, you can play all of Red Dead Redemption 2 in first-person mode. https://t.co/CxK68XgB4a
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