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observe the people around you
observe the people around you


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@DavoodGhadami @ScottishPower Hi Davood. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting through to us. We are quite busy at the moment skinning People alive with enrgy costs during this winter period. But hey, so are all the other energy companies! Truth is we’re doing our best to ignore you, you big blouse!
A new week, a new Teaser - can you solve it? Call 03700 100 110, email eleri@bbc.co.uk or text
8 10 12. @EleriSion will reveal the answer around 3.15 pm.
Reminder: your friends who post about how awesome MLK was, but who also post memes about how liberals are stupid are the exact people of whom you should be frightened.
Bringing you the finest of Italian cuisine for three decades, @LittleItalyGrp is India’s foremost name in the authentic taste of Italy!

Tell Us How You Will Shine Bright Like A Diamond by creating a difference for those around you & win a romantic fine dining experience!

Did you know, you can watch one of the biggest sporting spectacles in London, for free? 😲

Join 250,000 other people cheering on the rowers in this year's @theboatraces 👏

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