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  3. #psx16 has concluded. to everyone who attended: thank you. you left your mark
#PSX16 has concluded. To everyone who attended: thank you. You left your mark
#PSX16 has concluded. To everyone who attended: thank you. You left your mark


Speaking with the folks at https://t.co/4kUX5E6cjY!

They are so grateful for your support! Thank you!

Let’s roll to the #cmaawards together with my buddy AL Lieter.... you never know who we are going to run into.... enter your chance to win.... https://t.co/870tWGT0HQ
Are you an unpaid carer looking after a loved one who has been forced to quit or change jobs because of an inflexible employer? We are keen to hear from you - get in touch: jamie.roberton@itn.co.uk or @jamierobITV
For anyone who has trouble voting or finding your name. Nonpartisan Election Protection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE #ProtectOurVote
If you have any questions about where to vote, voter ID or anything else, text "election protection" to 97779 or call 866-OUR-VOTE.
*PEOPLE WITH KIDS KLAXON* Only a few days left to apply to @EquinorUK #YoungImagineers competition. Apply with your invention by Sunday 21st October and you could get your idea displayed at the @sciencemuseum https://t.co/QCReRNLM9o
This week we spoiled you with TWO Sunday Chops for your delectation. Here's @MicksterNoonan & hav@thatdunleavying a chat with abo@maeveorourkeut Ireland's infamous and#MagdeleneLaundries the fight for justice for those who were incarcerated in them: https://t.co/21kEvJN6aK
#ZazieBeetz explains net neutrality: Why did the FCC partially repeal it last year? Why is the state of California getting sued over it? And why does it matter for you when you’re deciding who to cast your ballot for in the midterm elections? #NowYouKnow https://t.co/QB8bITAO7S
🎶🎙 @bobbyfriction's @bbcintroducing artist 🌟@amanjotsangha 🌟 has a plan in place and is ready for you to know who she is!
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Today's the day and we're super excited for tonight because we'll be showing you who amongst our #LiveLifeInColour faves, @RealJonatao, @ntandose_49476 & @Nalitye_Shan will be taking the #MTVBaseVJSearch title.
Make sure to set your reminders to [dstv 322] at 21:30 to see it ALL😎
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Hi! Regarding your concern, you may call Pasay City Traffic number 889-0218. Thank you. #mmda
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