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Edgar Allan Poe

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Health / Wellness

The Sneaky Dee’s replacement, design by @QuadrangleArch . Somebody decided to get arty here.

In Sun Belt states -- AZ, FL, NC -- voters say Joe Biden has the better approach to the #AffordableCareAct . This includes: - determining future of the ACA - maintaining protections for people with #PreExistingConditions  Our poll with @CookPolitical 

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I could not bring myself to take Trump's health care speech today seriously, and neither should anybody.

How do different intensities of aerobic activity affect our memory function? Here's what we know, writes @ckbergland 

Dark chocolate, spice, and everything nice.

Resident Cheese Plater@ThatCheesePlate 's take on Pan De Higo aka, Spanish Fig Cake is the sweet addition we needed in our fall charcuterie boards.

"The data we collect will inform advocates, public health officials, & clinicians involved in the care of the Fruitvale community,” said @UCSF_LCOE  dir. Alicia Fernández, MD. “We will make every effort to disseminate the data broadly so all can benefit.”

Read this @svdate  story, which includes Trump's (possibly fake?) announcement today that he's going to send every old person in America a $200 prescription drug gift card right before the election.

We developed new health education materials tailored for diverse consumers. Health care professionals can use the materials to talk with patients about #COVID19  health fraud, vaccine development, testing and other aspects of FDA’s response.