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When the sun is bright in the sky, it's like a magnet drawing us outdoors. But those inviting rays can come with some dangerous temperatures. https://t.co/WpGzL8qWbE
6 natural flea remedies for cats and dogs
READ: https://t.co/up0uLs6Dn3
Rocky the border collie was in training for one very important job: learning how to herd sheep. https://t.co/2iGsmexgdd
10 skin care ingredients to avoid during pregnancy
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"Dogs come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. But their heart are all the same filled with love." https://t.co/THogmXCYOs
Student walks 20 miles to get to his first day of work and meets kindness every step of the way
STORY: https://t.co/cEKGvxRONl
Our universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. Scientists don’t truly understand dark matter — the phenomenon that fuels this expansion — but they may soon find out.
WATCH HERE: https://t.co/o0aPimvL3H
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Plants and animals don't care for AC/DC
MORE: https://t.co/elX4GsFUJO
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They may be visually stunning, but cliff-top temples were typically not built with architectural beauty in mind. https://t.co/mo6IoTBQkI
Asian honeybees sacrifice themselves to save the hive from hornets
STORY: https://t.co/DUqcrU2JWR
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