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A young narwhal far from home gets adopted by beluga whales
Hurricane Florence has put thousands of residents into emergency mode in the Carolinas, whether it be evacuees or those who had to remain in place. There are many others watching, hoping for the best and wondering how they can help. https://t.co/Ihx3DO6KY8
Whether it be a fire drill or simply figuring out where to stand in a bank, humans sometimes have trouble getting themselves into an organized line. Shrews, however, have no such hang-ups. https://t.co/0DP9bK4uCu
Angry Canadian crabs invade coast of Maine
Because of the ability to ride for long periods of time and the relative predictability of river waves, the sport of river surfing is growing in popularity. Here are nine destinations that have earned buzz from the surfing community. #worldriversday https://t.co/CrIvoEggwp
Can you eat the 'clean' part of moldy bread?
Thanks to a 15-year rehabilitation program, however, eelgrass is thriving again, and it's all because of sea otters. #seaotterawarenessweek https://t.co/xkAFapiEfG
10 kitchen items to purge that you'll never miss
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