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We advance children’s rights and equality for girls around the world. Girls and young women are joining the global conversation on gender equality for #WD2019

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Today, girls in Nairobi are coming together to #StopStreetHarassment  with chalk art. We must not trivialise abuse in our cities. We must support young people when they speak out about harassment. #16days  #orangetheworld  #EndGBV  #GenerationEquality 

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From taking selfies, to using art to make streets more inclusive and safe. Find out how young people across the globe are working to #StopStreetHarassment  #GirlsGetEqual  #16days  #OrangeTheWorld  #GenerationEquality 

Bridging the digital gender gap is vital in providing girls with access to tech. Alongside @SamsungLatin  we've supported 5,300 girls to advance their skills. We're also a finalist in the @ITU  2019 Equals in Tech Awards! #GenderEquality  #EqualsinTech 

Across the world, girls face relentless sexual harassment in their cities. A growing movement is seeing girls and their allies chalking catcalls on the street to take a stand against street harassment #EndGBV  #16Days  #OrangeTheWorld 

Street harassment is not a compliment, it’s not harmless, and it is not acceptable. Sophie Sandberg, founder of @catcallsof___  has some great tips for how to handle catcallers. #StopStreetHarassment  #OrangeTheWorld 

Street harassment compromises the safety of girls across the globe, every single day. We must not be bystanders. It's time to #stopstreetharassment  #16days  #orangetheworld  #EndGBV  #girlsgetequal 

As we approach #COP25 , governments must invest in girl’s education to ensure they have the skills to combat the #ClimateCrisis 

Girls and young women’s bodies are their own. No unsolicited opinions required. Spread the message: #StopStreetHarassment  #GirlsGetEqual  #16Days  #GenerationEquality 

The effects of #ClimateChange  put girls’ education, safety and health at increased risk. At #COP25 , it’s #TimeForAction  👊


Each year, over 20 million girls move to cities. They must be included in decisions that affect them. #Habitat3 

Be the role model you wish you had growing up. Inspire the upcoming #GenerationEquality  on #dayofthegirl . Via @UN_Women 

This #DayoftheGirl  we’re joining young activists in calling for a new world with new rules where girls are seen, heard and valued as equals. This is how #GirlsGetEqual  👉

This #WomensDay , join the youth-led movement for gender equality. This is how #GirlsGetEqual . 👉🏽 👈🏽

#GirlsTakeover the world today! 🙋🏽👩🏻‍💼💁🏿 For #DayoftheGirl  they step into leading roles: magazine editors, heads of TV networks. They're demanding better representation in the media, in films and on TV. 📰🎥 Stand with them. ⬇️ #RewriteHerStory 

10,000 children from 256 schools in Bangladesh joined together to create a 14km human chain to say ‘NO’ to #childmarriage  and child labour!

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Minds are changing. Laws are shifting. Stand with girls and women. #BecauseiamaGirl  #WD2016 

"We all require and want respect, man or woman, black or white. It's our basic human right" - Aretha Franklin, RIP 🙌🏾

On #DayoftheGirl  it's time to take ACTION! 😲🤩 Join the thousands sharing gifs of their favourite fictional girls - showing filmmakers the characters we need to see more of! ⬇️ #RewriteHerStory