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Dad, husband, host, producer, part time nice guy, part time DBag, and the very best, like no one ever was...

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Imagine being such a garbage person that you take time out of your day to mock the children who survived a school shooting because you don't agree with their opinions.
LIVE! Huge Loophole Exposed, Trump's Mod BAN, Leaked Video Blows Up, and More... https://t.co/h2r4Cv4DfL
You asked for it and we're delivering lol
Releasing it with today's show!
Thanks to everyone who supports us over @ https://t.co/2fr9XvVu2c, our sponsors, people who buy from https://t.co/yteSj0XFca, etc etc.

Without y’all my show and what I’m trying to build out wouldn’t be viable on Youtube.
Today's show is now LIVE! We talk about Politicians blaming school shootings/gun violence on video games, the Lebron vs Ingraham Controversy, and Fake Black Panther news. https://t.co/k3AdXnZn8O
In their defense, I have like 3 "go-to" faces and they are all stupid.
Trey: Daddy open this for me.

Me: Remember what do we say when we want someone to do something for us?

*Trey thinks for a second*

Trey: Daddy you’re weal weal smart and funny.

I think he has been watching how my wife handles me. 😂😂😂
I loved Black Panther. They created a rich beautiful world, somehow made me care about all of the characters, Michael B Jordan is a FANTASTIC villain, blah blah etc etc.

I was with some people that weren’t impressed but I highly recommend it.
LIVE! FBI Reveals They Were Warned But Failed To Act, Youtube Black Creator Promotion Backlash, and More... https://t.co/lxJVPN3dSm
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