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Dad, husband, host, producer, part time nice guy, part time DBag, and the very best, like no one ever was...

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What?! #1 Trending! Thanks for giving Friday’s show extra like and share love. To hit trending I thought I was going to have to title the video “$1 James Harrison VS $1000 James Harrison”.
Glad yall are loving today's video. I feel like its a fantastic breath of fresh air before diving back into the suck.
LIVE! We Should Talk About What James Harrison Did... https://t.co/TSTCbfSvYK
She enters your office unannounced. Before you can ask why she closes in. Her hand glides across the table. To your arm. Then your tie. She grabs it and pulls you so close you can feel her heat. And that's when it happens. She whispers, "We've updated our privacy policy..."
Heads up! There IS a new Friday PDS coming out today in about 2 1/2 hours, but its a bit different than your normal Friday show. I like it and I hope you like it too. :)
Thursday's Show is Up! Today I talked about Youtube's "Experiment", Shaun King pushing a fake story, and more... https://t.co/lUtkMryZFH
Brand new PDS is processing. See you over @ https://t.co/aFcAyCrBvT in a few!
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andddddddd WE'RE LIVE! Tomi Lahren Hate Backfires, The Obama Boycott, NFL Kneeling Crackdown, & More... https://t.co/dlxMWOj4kP
The Tuesday PDS is now LIVE! Why People Are Freaking Out About Kendrick Lamar, Set-Up Allegations, Liza Koshy & More... https://t.co/AUWIWkAXBY
If you didn't see what happened with Venezuela's "election" and Maduro's "win" I highly recommend you watch.
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