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Dad, husband, host, producer, part time nice guy, part time DBag, and the very best, like no one ever was...

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@CaseyNeistat @YTCreators The top analytics are from a “safe” video of mine and the bottom is from the suppressed video. The suppressed video has no views from suggested etc. That’s how you can tell when it’s not just demonetized, but also suppressed. https://t.co/PXmbybrifu
@CaseyNeistat @YTCreators I say as predicted because before I even started the story I said it’s likely going to result in us being suppressed. Specifically removed from recommended and homepage. I don’t care as much about Adsense. I care about being penalized for taking heavy issues. Here I’ll show ya:
If you didn’t see yesterday’s video it’s probably because as predicted we got dinged. 250,000 less overnight views than normal. cool cool cool cool 👍

Might need to start making solo videos for stories like the police brutality one so it doesn’t drag regular shows down.
DISGUSTING! Video Exposes Police Officer, Catholic Church Cover-Up Scandal In Pennsylvania, & More... https://t.co/hWe2M0sOTP
PROCESSING! Get on over to the channel RIGHT NOW for a surprise. ;) https://t.co/0RNbLk5IC1
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Since we haven’t done one in a while we’re going to do a pre-show livestream before the Wednesday PDS, so make sure your YT notifications are on.
Me: Maybe the world isn't a stupid, stupid place.

The world 2 seconds later:
Happy Wednesday! What news/stories would you like me to cover and give my opinion on today? I’ll try to save a spot for you.
WOW! Secret Recording Exposes Lies, Ridiculous Ruby Rose Backlash, Italy Bridge Collapse, and More... https://t.co/G4ahwzNx6C
LIVE! Ninja's Female Streamer Controversy, Secret Trump Audio Released, & Stolen Airplane Security Scare... https://t.co/OcGnNVgeXf
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