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While you wait for today's PDS go check out my brand new podcast, A Conversation With @CallMeC4rs0n ! It premieres in 14 minutes!

uploading the PDS. see you in a few. My voice...kinda lasted long enough.

Wednesday PDS is live! Genuinely surprised I was able to get this one out.

Today’s going to be an...interesting one.

@CaseyNeistat  I have no voice. Will you be the host of my next podcast and interview my guest for me tomorrow? But dont actually bc people will like you more. Welcome back.

Now they’re just trying to fuck with everyone 😂😂😂

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The show is coming. I just had to clear a story with the lawyers today. See yall in a little bit. Exporting the show and its about 23 minutes!

The Thursday PDS is Live! We talk #YouTubeRewind2019 , this disturbing Onision situation, & HUGE protests in France.

Editor James has been making these nonstop since we finished today’s show. I think it’s cathartic for him. 😂

Youtube waking up to see that “Youtube Rewind 2019” ONLY has 2.7 million dislikes.


Dear @YouTube  @TeamYouTube , Your response is bullshit. It's not true. People are tired this. Be better.

Just remember this. Before all the extended community outrage against Logan Paul’s “we found a dead body” video, there was a seemingly uncontested 550-600,000 likes on it. His core audience doesn’t give a fuuuuuuck. Unless youtube does something, this doesn’t hurt him.

If this gets to 50k RETWEETS I'll livestream watching through THE thing I'm most embarrassed about...Hooking Up! #DeFrancoShowForStreamys  😂

Why am I agreeing to this... If this gets 40k+ retweets I will do another video watching my old cringey vids. #DeFrancoShowForStreamys 

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Let's beat Buzzfeed! Retweet this 10,000 times and I'll make this my profile picture. #DeFrancoShowForStreamys 

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We need to get more attention on the Amazon rainforest fires. This is INSANE. RT

Dear @Youtube , Are you lying or are you that detached from reality?

Imagine full speed drop kicking an unsuspecting 71 year old in the back and it doesn’t even knock him down. @Schwarzenegger  is a solid wall.

Just remember that half of these people who say, “fuck school, follow your dreams” wouldn’t be qualified to dunk your fries if they didn’t get lucky. Make educated guesses, not blind leaps of faith. Keep one foot on solid ground, while you reach out for the next platform.