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Read @FoxReports  for a great breakdown of Schumer’s opening offer on Senate impeachment trial structure/process

can't say i ever imagined this would be the case months ago, but here we are. would note Lighthizer spent a significant amount of time keeping them in the loop on things throughout and Wyden heaped praise on him when I asked him about the trade rep this week

look away for a few minutes and the USMCA text comes out. happy reading:

wow no mention of approps deal that's messed up dude

finding my way into a @RabalaisAdv  column may be one of my greater life achievements cc: @jmartNYT 

New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a freshman Democrat who strongly opposes impeachment, is expected to switch to the Republican Party

Structurally, this is a v. important sentence - ‘99 trial didn’t deal w witnesses til later. That’s what McConnell prefers: “The issue of witnesses and documents, which are the most important issues facing us, should be decided before we move forward with any part of the trial.”


This, from William Taylor’s prepared remarks, is new:

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This just isn't true. Refugee process takes an average of 18 months. New visas can take weeks.

. announces on the floor he has informed McConnell he will not for any judicial nominees on the floor or in the Judiciary Committee until the Mueller protection bill gets a floor vote

The U.S. House, 245-182, voted to pass the resolution to terminate Pres. Trump's National Emergency Declaration. 13 Republicans voted with all Democrats in favor. The resolution now moves to the Senate.

should note several members and staffers have said their offices are being inundated w/ constituent calls re: the family separation issue - at a level they haven't seen since probably health care, one aide said

The U.S. Senate, by unanimous consent, just passed the Armenian Genocide resolution. @SenatorMenendez  has come to the floor several times the last few weeks to try, only to be blocked by GOP senators at the request of the White House. Nobody objected to Menendez's effort today.

Speaker Ryan last wk: "I think that was some kind of a misinterpretation of a private meeting." Trump: Nope. All me. Definitely said that.

CNN exclusive: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation