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China sanctions 11 Americans over Hong Kong, including @marcorubio  & @tedcruz 

Top US health official meets with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen in highest-level summit for decades

would also note that another trigger for deal making is the flood of constituent calls/beat downs during town halls and the like. and in the middle of a pandemic, w/ folks working from home/not meeting in person etc., that dynamic feels very different right now

Stalled stimulus talks could mean thousands of furloughs and halt US immigration system, via @priscialva 

Mnuchin, on the timeline for the implementation of exec action on federal UI payments: “Within the next week or two most of the states will be able to execute.”

“Liability is going to stick to the employer like flies to flypaper.” Read@RichardRubinDC  on the complicated payroll deferral dynamics:

also if you think they’re playing college football in the spring I have a bridge to sell you


This just isn't true. Refugee process takes an average of 18 months. New visas can take weeks.

. announces on the floor he has informed McConnell he will not for any judicial nominees on the floor or in the Judiciary Committee until the Mueller protection bill gets a floor vote

This, from William Taylor’s prepared remarks, is new:

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should note several members and staffers have said their offices are being inundated w/ constituent calls re: the family separation issue - at a level they haven't seen since probably health care, one aide said

The U.S. House, 245-182, voted to pass the resolution to terminate Pres. Trump's National Emergency Declaration. 13 Republicans voted with all Democrats in favor. The resolution now moves to the Senate.