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Democratic Congressman@RepTomSuozzi  is exploring the idea of soaking the #rich  with a one-time #WealthTax  as high as 5% that he plans to call the "Patriot Tax." There's nothing patriotic about imposing an Unconstitutional tax and there's surely nothing patriotic about paying it.

@RealAntsInMyEye  @RepTomSuozziExactly , the withholding tax was also supposed to be temporary. It was enacted in 1942 as apart of the "Victory Tax " to win WW2

I will be on @TuckerCarlson  tonight at 8:50 EDT to discuss last week's release of the May CPI and why the #Fed  is not only wrong about #inflation  being transitory, but why the significant prices increases we are currently experiencing will actually be much larger in the future.

#Bitcoin doesn't fix anything.

@michael_saylor  You're truly insane. If #Bitcoin  really will be as successful as you claim #MircoStrategy  already holds more than enough to make all your shareholders rich. Your actions don't match your words. These are acts of desperation to keep Bitcoin from crashing by buying as much you can.

Correct analogy, wrong ship. Saylor is Captain Ahab, the ship is the Pequod, and #Bitcoin  is his white whale.

When did I ever go all-in on #gold ? I've always recommended a 5% - 10% allocation.

Saylor posts far more positive #Bitcoin  tweets than I do negative. Are you on his case has to stop too?

May retail sales plunged by 1.3%, much more than the .5% decline that was expected. Ex autos and gas, the decline was .8% verses exceptions of a .2% rise. Though upward revisions to April off-set much of the miss, it's clear that higher prices are taking a bite out of spending.


My son @Spencer573625  went all in on #Bitcoinon  the last drop below $50k. 100% of his portfolio is now in Bitcoin. He sold the last of his #silverstocks  to raise the cash. If my own son is this brainwashed imagine how vulnerable most kids are. He's HODLing to infinity or bust.

Since Princeton University is removing Woodrow Wilson's name from its buildings due to his racist thinking and policies, I think we should also repeal the Federal Income Tax and The Federal Reserve, as both acts were signed into law by Wilson. Letting either law stand is racist.

@JoeBiden  is wrong. We're not coming out of the darkest period in U.S. history, we're just entering it. The problem wasn't the disease but the government's cure, which will be fatal for the dollar and the economy. There's no vaccine to protect us from an inflationary depression.

America was founded by rugged individuals who created government to secure their rights and leave them alone. Americans today want government to violate other people's rights, steal their stuff, and give it to them. The home of the free has become the land of the freeloader.

California proposed a .4% annual wealth tax that applies to former residents who already left within the past 10 years, and to current residents for ten years after they leave. The rate is reduced by 10% for each year of absence. Any wealthy person who moves into Cal. is nuts.

If it's racist to require ID to #vote , then it's also racist to require ID to open a bank account, buy a gun, rent a car, check into a hotel, enter a bar or board an airplane. If you're not smart or responsible enough to get an ID, then you're too dumb or irresponsible to vote!