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The dollar rallied sharply when the 2008 financial crisis started. But following QE, the dollar tanked, and only reversed once the Fed convinced currency markets it could normalize rates and shrink its balance sheet. This time the dollar barely rose and the collapse won't stop.

@smcapgreg  Yes, the middle class is taxed much more now than it was back then. That's why today's middle class is yesterday's lower class. Much better to cut spending than raise taxes to pay off the debts.

Members of Congress are acting as if voting for the #stimulusbill  shows voters how compassionate and generous they are. It's easy to be generous with other people's money. How about members of Congress agree to generously forgo their salaries to help pay the cost of the bill.

@BGBandita  @RepThomasMassieRun  your own business without stealing from other people. This bill will do far more damage to the economy and your business, and your employees, than the Coronavirus. He is doing his jobs by opposing the bill. The rest of Congress is selling out the nation by voting for it!

The U.S. dollar seems to have decoupled from equities. It's falling regardless of which direction equities trade. The entire foundation of the U.S. economy and its financial markets rests on the foundation of the dollar bubble. If it's popped, the entire house of cards collapses.

If you don't know who is paying for the massive #stimulusbill  and bailouts, it's you. There's no free lunch. Everyone who saves or earns dollars will have their purchasing power stolen to fund an unprecedented increase in government spending. If you don't want to pay, buy #gold .

More miners will likely shut down after the Halving, when mining rewards are cut in half. Bitcoin Price Decline Prompts US Mining Firm to Shut Down ‘Indefinitely’ via @coindesk 

@MarosHajduk  @jimmysongIt  was a great idea for the guys who started it. They made a fortune. But it's not money. That's the problem. It's a nice fantasy, but it won't work in reality.


Powell also announced that the Federal Reserve eliminated all reserve requirements for banks, which are now free to make as many loans as they want regardless of the level of Federally insured deposits they actual have. What could possibly go wrong?

Everyone retweet and like. Let's see if we can make this video go viral.

The #Coronavirus  will be the scapegoat. The U.S. economy was headed for a crash anyway due to the reckless and incompetent monetary and fiscal policies of the past. Now the Coronavirus will be the excuse to more aggressively pursue those same failed policies in the future.

Fox News is reporting that the price tag for the $6 trillion stimulus/bailout package may already be up to $10 trillion. At this point it really doesn't matter how much money the Fed prints to fund this nonsense as soon the money will be practically worthless anyway.

I just lost all the #Bitcoin  I have ever owned. My wallet got corrupted somehow and my password is no longer valid. So now not only is my Bitcoin intrinsically worthless; it has no market value either. I knew owning Bitcoin was a bad idea, I just never realized it was this bad!

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If we let the airlines fail, it will not mean an end to air travel. The planes will still be here. The companies will go bankrupt, existing stock and bond holders will lose money, and new owners will buy up the assets, and run the airlines much better without the moral hazard.

The best thing for customers and workers is to let all over-leveraged companies go bankrupt. Eliminating debt in bankruptcy, while allowing the companies to operate, results in lower prices and higher wages. Bailouts only benefit the existing incompetent management and investors.

Senator @BernieSanders  says “anyone who feels entitled to a decent standard of living” should join his campaign. No one is entitled to anything they did not earn. No one has a right to use government to steal what others have earned. Plus, what defines decent and who defines it?

Thanks to the Fed's artificially low interest rates, Boeing borrowed billions to buy back its own overpriced stock. Now it's seeking a federal bailout to avoid selling that stock at a loss. Since the Republicans are Democratic Socialist too, Boeing's bailout is likely in the bag.

50% of American workers earn less than $33,000 per year. That's about 22 ounces of gold per year, before taxes. Over 100 years ago, without any government mandates, minimum wage laws, or labor unions, Henry Ford paid his factory line workers 52 ounces of gold per year, tax-free!