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The reaction in Chicago. 👇
The reaction in Chicago. 👇


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About 300,000 people are attending the 2nd Women's March Chicago, exceeding last year, organizers say: https://t.co/MpXJ2ar13s
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The reaction to the Aziz Ansari allegations shows #MeToo is more measured than its critics claim: https://t.co/sdWPSAPnQE
A push to redevelop two historic buildings near the old Chicago Union Stockyards took a step forward this week https://t.co/zmnQ45lq0l
HUGE TURNOUT: One of the organizers of the Chicago Women's March, Ann Scholhamer, says the march is already as large as last year. Some 250,000 people gathered in Chicago for the 2017 march. https://t.co/UsVFABZkoo
Live blog: Latest updates, photos, video from the 2018 Women's March Chicago https://t.co/R6WRRuIsmy
PHOTOS: Women's marches in Chicago and across the country: https://t.co/SUkonV6CWP
Marchers are on the move in New York, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia and beyond. Here are reports from around the globe: https://t.co/qQem5iy6ih #womensmarch
.@monicaraymund of NBC's "Chicago Fire" takes the stage at #womensmarchchi. "I am female, I am Latina, I am queer, I am their worst nightmare. And so are all of you. And that's okay, we'll be fine, because we have each other." #WomensMarch2018 #Suntimes
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