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Latest Scoops

Golfing buddies, including a presidential fist bump, via Government of Japan.
First Lady Melania Trump “intends to pay her respects at the funeral (for Barbara Bush) on Saturday,” per her spokeswoman.

WH has not said whether President Trump plans to attend.
NEW: White House official corrects Trump, confirms Pompeo-Kim meeting took place over Easter weekend, as first reported by @washingtonpost, not “last week” as Trump tweeted.https://t.co/1owNB3K6KG
Adam Schiff, a frequent Trump critic, praises Pompeo-Kim secret meeting: “I think it is good news for diplomacy and I’m glad that the meeting took place.”
Trump last night issued proclamation that flags be lowered to half-staff “as a mark of respect” for Barbara Bush.

This morning, flag still flying high at Mar-Lago, the “Southern White House.” (per pool)
Nikki Haley with the brushback tonight after Larry Kudlow said there may have “been some momentary confusion” when Haley said new Russian sanctions were coming.

Tonight, Haley firing back: “With all due respect, I don't get confused.”
The WH did not respond to my questions (a) whether the president’s taxes are still under audit or (b) whether he will commit to releasing his 2017 return once filed this fall.https://t.co/YQYMgdI2NT
NEW: Trump files extension for 2017 return:

“The President filed an extension for his 2017 tax return, as do many Americans with complex returns. He will file his tax return by the extension deadline of October 15, 2018.”
- Sarah Sanders
If it happens, Trump would effectively be using a megaphone, blaring that pardons are available to those who lie under oath & obstruct justice.https://t.co/obtVrUIm6b
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