Pete Buttigieg

What none of us can live with is four more years of your chaos, cruelty, and division.

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Google is publicly releasing the data it's already collecting about people's movements during the coronavirus pandemic.

MP: Health workers on whom stones were pelted by locals on April 1 at Tatpatti Bakhal in Indore, returned on April 2 to carry out screening services. Dr Trupti Katdare, Medical Officer says,"We don't know why they pelted stones,but we'll not be afraid&continue our services there"

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Ontario has released its COVID-19 projections - by end of April, 1,600 deaths are predicted. Government says 4,400 deaths have been prevented by current action #onpoli 

New York had its largest coronavirus death toll in a single day, at 562, says Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the UK has ordered 17.5 million antibody tests - but they will only use them "if they work". He adds that no country in the G7 has found an at home antibody test yet. #Coronavirus  latest:

’They’re making portable morgues. This is my life, this is our life. People stay home. This sh*t is serious.’ — This NYC nurse compared the current situation to 9/11

WH says President Trump and French President Macron today discussed "convening P5 leaders soon to increase UN cooperation on defeating the pandemic and ensuring international peace and security. The leaders also discussed important regional and bilateral issues."

Bill Gates praises President Cyril Ramaphosa as a “very strong voice encouraging countries to act quickly when the number of (Covid19) cases is still fairly low” #COVID19SouthAfrica  Listen here: Trevor Noah Interviews Bill Gates About COVID-19