Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg

South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg is a businessman, Afghanistan veteran, runner, musician, and one of America's youngest mayors.

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One party is trying to make it harder for Americans’ votes to count. That’s about all you need to know. #Vote 

Presidential campaign events shouldn’t have a death toll.

Think about what it means when the GOP wants 100,000 Texans’ votes not to be counted.

To GOP operatives working overtime to disqualify votes from deployed troops because you think it helps your guy: look in the mirror and ask yourself how it came to this.

Imagine how it will feel the first time the sun comes up and Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States.

Congratulations to our next president, Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

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If someone you love and care about voted the other way, today might be a good day to reach out. Not to talk politics, but to talk about things that will remind them (and yourself) why you love and care about them.

We will soon have a president who believes in and listens to science, and that will save lives.

Protecting the outgoing president's ego is not worth undermining national security.

The president-elect should receive intelligence briefings not just as a courtesy—but as a matter of national security.