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I think it is healthy, though not necessarily stable, that the Tory party is a coalition containing both Christopher Chope and ⁦@JustineGreening⁩
Meticulously researched piece by ⁦@PaulBrandITV⁩ on when Chuka’s New Party (the CNP) is expected to launch, and what it will be
Met commissioner Cressida Dick ends Desert Island Discs by disclosing her police colleagues think it is hilarious she can never smell Cannabis, in spite of her highly developed sense of smell. Sweet prog
Sangfroid of @andrealeadsom about @AmberRudd_MP@gregclarkmp @DavidGauke et al potentially quitting to block no deal is very much of a piece with the views of plenty of Tory backbenchers (“bring it on”, one senior Brexiter said to me). This is a party seemingly inured to chaos.
It’s a customs-union party-splitting Brexit or no deal - ITV News
More shocking stats about the class bias at Oxford and Cambridge. It is not just state school students and ethnic minorities that are under-represented. From ⁦@FT⁩
After tonight’s voting debacle, the EU has more-or-less given up on @theresa_may delivering any kind of Brexit deal. For them it is now a party-splitting customs-union based deal backed by Tory and Labour MPs or a no-deal Brexit. This is a big moment
Men and women in grey suits furious with PM. “We told her the motion would infuriate some of our colleagues. It just required a tweak. She refused. And all to prevent a junior minister [Harrington] from resigning. Ludicrous. We had a way through. Now we’ve no idea where it ends”
Here is Downing Street’s reaction to latest Brexit defeat for ⁦@theresa_may. Apparently “some Conser⁩vative colleagues” were concerned about “taking no deal off the table AT THIS STAGE” (my caps). I’m not sure the “at this stage” qualification reassures those colleagues!
A Brexit defeat for @theresa_may that changes nothing for her. And that is why it is such a disaster for her ability to get a Brexit deal

The Most Relevant

Senior Tory MP: "We all f***ing hate her. But there is nothing we can do. She has totally f***ed us".
It is eight weeks till we leave the EU. And we don’t know anything about what kind of Brexit it will be. I cannot really believe I wrote this and I am not dreaming.
This makes me want to retire as a journalist, because I have been desperate to put Brexit in a simple nutshell, and the bloomin’ PM of Luxembourg has done it perfectly. Impossible to better. Sigh
A shocked cabinet was today told no-deal Brexit may force government to own or operate lorry ferries, because freight through Dover and Channel Tunnel could fall 85% and we’d run out of vital goods, food and medicine
I asked the relevant EU people what the response will be when @theresa_may asks to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement. All replied with just one word. It is “no”. This could be shortest and most hopeless renegotiation in history.
What is extraordinary about the Brexit talks is that 27 EU countries, and a parliament and a bureaucracy have negotiated with a single voice - under the leadership of @MichelBarnier - and the UK has negotiated as if it was the equivalent of 27 or perhaps 600 dissonant voices
We’ve got an official opposition tearing itself apart over antisemitism, the founder of the EDL running rings around the judiciary and a government negotiating a Brexit plan that its own MPs and ministers tell me is dead. When will we pull ourselves together, as a nation?
Seems to have been a jaw-dropping £300bn swing in foreign investment flows to and from UK, in a negative sense, between 2016 and 2017 according to latest OECD figures. Nothing to do with Brexit, of course
How can a contract worth £13.8m to run goods ships in the event of a no-deal Brexit be awarded to a company that wants to run ships but does not actually do so? What do you think?
The health minister Stephen Hammond has written to a Tory MP to provide assurance to one of the MP’s constituents that the NHS is stockpiling bodybags as insurance against a no-deal Brexit. This is not a joke. See attached exerts from letter.
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