Senator Patty Murray

The way you get your health care shouldn’t determine your ability to access abortion. That’s why I’m working to ensure that the millions of people who rely on government-sponsored health plans can get the health care they want, including an abortion.

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One of the problems with how politics is covered is  many have forgotten that the purpose of politics is policy, as in solving problems. It's not about scoring points in a game of inside baseball. To cover it as such undermines the health and safety of our nation and the planet.

Nearly two-thirds of our seniors have no dental insurance and no idea how they will afford to go to a dentist. That is a disgrace, and it must end.

My Real Corporate Profits Tax would ensure that giant corporations can't report billions in profits to shareholders but then pay zero in taxes. Let's fund the reconciliation package by making them pay their fair share.

Hey @brianschatz  we are at $57,000 in donations for @SenatorWarnock . That’s amazing but we can get to $100K by the end of the day if folks dig deep. Trump was in GA yesterday campaigning against Rev. Warnock and we need to get his back!! Donate below.

Tomorrow, the US House will have a chance to pass this bipartisan infrastructure bill & send it to @PresElectBiden  desk for his signature. I urge the House to approve it & deliver an historic victory for the America#jobsn  people.

We need cybersecurity accountability in our fed govt to ensure a more effective national defense against cyberattacks, especially in the wake of the most recent ManageEngine cyberattack & increased cyberattacks against the private sector & federal agencies.

This is where Senator McConnell wants to take us. All to avoid paying for the debt he helped create with the Trump tax cuts. He alone owns this disaster.

We don't have to choose between supporting law enforcement or communities of color.   Why? Because more resources for officers = better policing and more safety for the most vulnerable communities.

@SecBlinken : This fall, the United States will release our new, comprehensive Indo-Pacific Strategy. Similar to ASEAN’s outlook, it will reflect Southeast Asia’s importance to the Indo-Pacific region, and the critical role that ASEAN plays in determining the region’s future.

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Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine "kills more people than it saves"? That's Pants on Fire.

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