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Last week, President Trump declared a state of emergency & circumvented Congress based on lies & a manufactured crisis.

This is NOT the way our government is supposed to work & I stand with Democrats, Republicans, & every American who is concerned by this. We will fight back.
Veterans who were injured while serving our country shouldn't have to give up their dreams of starting a family. I'm proud to keep fighting for the Women Veterans & Families Health Services Act, which would finally get rid of the VA's outdated ban on IVF.
By declaring a state of emergency, Pres Trump opened the door to presidents declaring fake emergencies to fund spending they can’t persuade Congress to support & set a precedent that puts our country on a dangerous slope. Everyone who believes in the Constitution should be angry.
"We lived it. We saw it. It is not an emergency.” - Erin Schantz in Vancouver, WA

President Trump declared a #FakeTrumpEmergency for his border wall based on lies. I hope he listens to people in WA and across the country and reverses course immediately.
Educator and social worker Dorothy Hollingsworth, who was denied a position teaching in a public school, made history in 1975 when she was elected to the Seattle School Board, becoming the first Black woman elected to a school board in WA. #BlackHistoryMonth
Reminder: President Trump said he "didn't need" to declare his #FakeTrumpEmergency, but wanted to "do it much faster."

The president was apparently in a hurry to violate our laws & I stand with every American who is concerned by this. We will fight back.
Democrats & Republicans agree on the need to invest in responsible border security & tackle very real humanitarian issues, but there is absolutely NO ‘emergency’ & absolutely NO justification for President Trump to use his border wall an excuse to violate our Constitution & laws.
ICYMI: More than 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of President Trump's decision to declare a national emergency so he can build his wall.

I hope he listens to people across the country and reverses course immediately. This is an un-American abuse of power.
RT if you believe that high-quality, affordable child care for people struggling to make ends meet and middle class families in our country should be a reality.
"There is no national emergency." - Lisa Ornstein in Olympia, WA

Pres Trump must listen to the will of the people of WA & of our country & not take unconstitutional action to violate the bipartisan agreement in Congress that helped avoid another shutdown.

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RT if you think Senators shouldn't be cut off after just 5 minutes of questions: #DeVos
Justice Kavanaugh has started attacking Roe v. Wade from the bench—& that means women & men who believe women should have access to safe, legal abortion must stand up stronger than ever for women’s constitutionally protected health care rights. I’m ready & I hope you are too.
RT if you think every worker in America should receive #EqualPay for equal work.
This is about Roe.
This is about health care.
This is about our environment.
This is about our democracy & the rights & freedoms of millions of people in WA & across the nation…

It’s all on the line. Raise your voice. #StopKavanaugh.
Republicans are blocking the release of Judge Kavanaugh’s complete record & President Trump appears to be an unindicted co-conspirator to a federal crime. Put together, that’s more than enough reason to wait before we hold hearings to fill the open seat on the Supreme Court.
The National Archives says it needs more time to produce Judge Kavanaugh’s records so the public can have a full picture of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

People and families deserve to know about Judge Kavanaugh’s complete record. Keep making your voices heard.
There is no urgency to fill this seat before October. Republicans held a Supreme Court seat open for more than a year all to prevent President Obama from fulfilling his constitutional role. Surely we can take the time we need now in order to fulfill OUR constitutional role.
I am here today to say: once again, women are watching, and we’re not going to allow that to happen again.
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A rare look inside the GOP’s women’s health caucus.
We passed a bill 3 weeks ago that kept the government open, without funding for Trump’s wall. The Democratic House followed suit and passed a bill that would do the same.

We were elected to make decisions that help the American people, NOT to provide cover to the president.
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