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What happened to all those Trump emails hackers said they had? Were they paid off? Were they bluffing?

I really hope you start feeling better tomorrow.

I know. i saw that and I was like....Please Lord..

This series about sex trafficking in modeling is interesting-

2 little wild bunnies come to my yard every night and eat jasmine flowers.


If you aren't retweeting the voter suppression going on in Georgia right now impacting Black Americans you obviously don't care. SHAME ON YOU @GOP  @BrianKempGA  STEALING A ELECTION. You can't have a Democracy if you suppress the black vote. RACISTS.

In the Trump/Bannon divorce who gets custody of the Nazi's?

Wondering how all the dudes who have 2 secret families are working this quarantine out...

Mitch McConnell just called your social Security an entitlement. You paid into it. It’s yours. Yes you are entitled to it. If you plan on having that money when your elderly you better vote blue.

People are worried about Biden misspeaking? Don't worry about it. Trump told people to drink bleach.

Take away for the day- You can get impeached for lying about a blowjob but not for meeting with foreign spies multiple times who are actively working to overthrow our free elections- Got it!

Question- How the hell can we afford to test the DNA of every migrant that is in custody but NOT every rape victims DNA forensic kit? Answer- because America still hates women & treats them like ?

Rubber bullets are not harmless. The police are shooting specifically at peoples heads and eyes. Are you really trying to blind or kill demonstrators? NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I really want every person to realize these abortion bills will end up at the Supreme Court which now swings right. We lost 2 seats in 2016 election. Think about that next time you vote. Lifetime consequences for sitting it out.