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New: After @PierceBush  enters the #TX22  Republican primary, one of the more serious candidates drops out an hour before the filing deadline. Harris Hoss had been named an On the Radar candidate as part of the @NRCC 's Young Guns program.

An update on the @votemikelang  situation @TexasGOP  confirms he also withdrew this evening from his state House race, ensuring his name won't appear on the ballot. The deadline to do that is Tuesday evening #HD60  #txlege 

@BetoORourke  @DanCrenshawTXTwo  other Democrats, @travisolsen2020and  , @ElisaCardnell  are running for this seat. Ladjevardian's announcement comes about an hour and a half before the filing deadline. #TX02 

More news with the filing deadline looming: Cody Garrett, the 2016 Democratic candidate for railroad commissioner who had been exploring a 2020 run, announces he won't run and endorses @ChrystaForTexas .

Developing: @votemikelang  filed for Hood County commissioner "about an hour ago," per the county GOP chair. Recall that Lang previously announced in September that he wouldn't seek reelection and instead run for commissioner, but then he reversed himself #HD60  #txlege 

Republicans still have two candidates filed for this seat, Glenn Rogers and Kellye SoRelle. #HD60 


Cruz on WikiLeaks exchange: "That official who gave the heads-up to the Hillary campaign should be terminated & Loretta Lynch should resign”

. may have lost, but tonight Texas Democrats gained... - two U.S. House seats - two state Senate seats - at least 11 state House seats #txsen  #txlege 

Just in: @TedCruz  is ending his presidential campaign, campaign manager Jeff Roe tells me.

Here we go — @BetoORourke  is now airing TV ads against @TedCruz . Seen this morning in Houston:

Currently outside the media entrance at the #txsen  debate:

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@JulianCastro  to reporters in spin room: "I find it very ironic that a senator from Massachusetts and a senator from New Jersey are the ones who understand this border policy and this law better than Congressman O'Rourke."

@TedCruz  reaction to #SkinnyRepeal  failure: "No party can remain in power by lying to the American people"