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They came to play table-tennis. They were deported at gunpoint in the dark. An interview with the two Nigerian students forced into Bosnia, despite having a valid Croatian visa.

If you're wondering how Labour lost so badly, I tried to get at some of the causes in this piece last week. *

This by @Alex_Niven  is a superb explanation of Labour’s collapse in the north. Written in August, but it predicted and analysed most of what happened on Thursday.

Few reporters have chronicled Britain’s last decade better than @johnharris1969  & @JohnDomokos . Here’s their latest film, made on election day. *

How did Boris Johnson win the UK election? Have a listen to our @nytimes  podcast from Bolsover, one of the Labour strongholds he captured. Thanks to @mikiebarb  & his brilliant colleagues on The Daily. *

Back to school this morning, after a sleeper train all the way from Venice. Now reading this fascinating @pkarasz  piece on the resurgence of the European sleeper, thanks to @unsereOEBB 

How do you run a museum in a city gripped by a "Nazi emergency"? Read this fascinating and unusual profile of a museum director in Dresden, by @eliza_apperly 

Is there a more thoughtfully-stocked airport bookshop than @TiranaAirport ?


A crackdown has begun on people protesting the legitimacy of Turkey's referendum. Dozens arrested in dawn raids

Prince Charles points out that Jesus was once a refugee, and calls for more tolerance

Thousands brave cold to protest against Orbán, in one of the most sustained expressions of street opposition since he entered office 8 years ago. Our report

One of the world's longest-ever church services has come to an end in Holland, after the church was assured that a family of refugees sheltered there would not be deported.

Irregular migration to Europe hasn’t been this low for half a decade. So why is it still at the centre of Europe’s political crisis? My report from Lampedusa

What would happen if a far-right leader cemented power in a western state? In Viktor Orban's Hungary, it's already happened. Read my series on how he 1—Targeted the state 2—Targeted society 3—Got here himself

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Refugee babies detained in Greece are being denied adequate amounts of milk. This is Europe in 2016. My report:

Wow. Today's frontpage of Germany's biggest tabloid is about refugees/migrants/people, & it simply says: "We help."

I'm in a Nigerian town whose pop has doubled to ~2m due to Boko Haram-related displacement. Some Brits are whining abt a few pubescent boys.