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Long hair... Sloppy upper body... Got to send a couple DONG SHOTS out there #ForTheBrand #TBT
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Long hair... Sloppy upper body... Got to send a couple DONG SHOTS out there #ForTheBrand #TBT
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I wanted to say THANK YOU 🙏🏻 ❤️ and how amazing the past six years have been while working on AGT… I love my fellow judges and our hosts and our AMAZING CREW 😘… It’s been such an incredible experience and I will miss ALL OF YOU very much!
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Happy birthday, @NathanAke! 🎂🇳🇱

Our Netherlands international turns 24 today!

#afcb 🍒
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MNET Releases First Voice Teaser for TXT's Debut Celebration Show
Think all animals are cute and cuddly? Trevor’s Australian cousin has some news for you. F**k these animals!
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Good morning, #legacies fans. In just 3 days you finally get to see our talent show episode and it is going to blow your mind.
The dumbest man to ever serve as a senator or Vice President embarrasses America again with his extra-territorial stupidity
Trump tweets, last 24 hrs:

1. My deputy attorney general is a criminal

2. I'm being targeted by an "illegal coup"

3. The people investigating me should be jailed

4. Television networks that air jokes about Republicans should face "retribution"
Sending HUGE birthday wishes to you J-Hope! 🎉 Here's 9 times you might have been the cutest member of #BTS >>> @BTS_twt
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Macey Hensley is a 9-year-old presidential expert, and there’s no one better to explain to me what’s happening in the government.
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