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Guiness Book Record Holder attempting 2 make folks laugh. 1st comedy special Pat McAfee: UNCAGED is on iTunes. My mom said it doesn't suck. Snap~FourthDownBoss

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Cuzzie... Time Travel is a real thing https://t.co/PMu0pT6lDM
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The hat flip.. walkoff homerun feel for the ref here
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I feel like I say this a lot... the entertainment level of these games is ruined by this guy
Thinking of Baker and Gregg Williams chirping each other in practice reminded me of when I used to watch @BruceArians and @ABethea41 talk shit to each other in practice... Players loved it.
@Big_Mikey76 Mi @jasonbate21 @johnduda3 @AKeys68ke, you’ve handled yourself incredibly well in this whole thing... From kick to fact checking bullshit. You’ve done well here.
The slow mo helmet to helmet shots give me a real life headache. No clue how these dudes take these shots and keep it movin.
I feel like there has to be so many.. “This motherfu..”... Biggest play I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m not certain, but i think the internet actually shut down after that.. That was wild.
I wonder what Saints fans think while watching Case Keenum this year as a Bronco
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