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Guiness Book Record Holder attempting 2 make folks laugh. 1st comedy special Pat McAfee: UNCAGED is on iTunes. My mom said it doesn't suck. Snap~FourthDownBoss

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Still warm. Still delicious. Still regret waiting until now
Greatest daily football show on the internet #QuickHits... Come get much much dumber with us ~> https://t.co/1b4ykIcspp
We have finally landed.. thanks for following along with my incredibly torturous travel sitch.. I will let the world know how this cold ass, onion smelling ass, problem causing ass burger tastes
We’re “beginning initial descent”.. only 20-30 more minutes of staring at a god damn paper bag
Absurd amount of folks have told me to take this onion wreaking burger to the bathroom to eat... Have yinz ever been on a plane? It’s a portapotty in the sky.. just smaller. Much much smaller.
Onions in a confined space is against every basic rule of humanity.
Currently sitting on a plane starving and staring at a bag with a triple burger inside of it.. can’t open the bag tho because I ordered grilled onions on the burger.. I wish this plane knew the struggle I’m going thru right now.. Just drooling and staring at this god damn bag.
I am ALL ABOUT the dropkick making a comeback in a big way with @mdcksn #ForTheBrand
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