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Guiness Book Record Holder attempting 2 make folks laugh. 1st comedy special Pat McAfee: UNCAGED is on iTunes. My mom said it doesn't suck. Snap~FourthDownBoss

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I think imma finally get this hole in my ear drum fixed.. it’s been too long since a wave crashed on my head in Atlantic City.. The hole’s been a nuisance, an alibi, and plenty of other things..it’s time 2 defeat this..Any ear doctor recommendations would be greatly appreciated
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Shit my pants on a ladder... Real adult like stuff going on
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Our cat drinking queso like it’s water... Let’s have a Saturday. @ a savage
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So happy for @landondonovan
Congrats on getting drafted to the @Pacers and welcome to Indianapolis @The_4th_Holiday 🍻😂
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Just got home.. What an awesome experience.. So thankful for the @WashWildThings and everybody who came to show some love
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Just landed in Washington, PA. Stranded at the airport, but that won’t stop us from having an incredible evening with the @WashWildThings.. #Grit #Perseverance #GreatAtPrep #DingerNight
Good morning beautiful people.. Just want everybody to know that today is going to be the greatest Thursday in history.. The Podcast is LOADED~> ..https://t.co/c493cmmv8t. READY TO ROCK TONIGHT with the @WashWildThings
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That’s what us Right Fielders do Carrabis
Hahaha, I feel like he taught me some as well. I hope the family is fantastic ✊🏻🍻
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