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Sometimes you have to act like you don't care, even when you do


Completely Floored by the £18,305 we raised for our little feminist film Tracks. SO grateful for every single donation! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Roll on January when we fight the oppression of women on film!! 💗❤️💗
Drink Your Way Through This Wedding And We’ll Reveal When You’ll Get Married https://t.co/v6EPhzdpWO
College is weird because you have two totally different lives in 2 different places
The @brits Are Coming performers have been announced!

Did you know that between them they have 9 Platinum selling singles?

Don't miss them on 13th January!

@itstimwhite oh, we use that "blocktogether " algo that just gets rid of spam accounts / botted ones. i guess at some point you must have fucked with some twitter bot app that got you shitlisted.
when people say you wear too much makeup https://t.co/0iDV35wEvi
when people say you wear too much makeup https://t.co/JWruEogBJP
Oaxaca (Mexico's most exotic state) makes you forget about the beach...but don't worry, it's there when you need it! https://t.co/pcX0qT7NBB
The next time you take a cruise, or even a day trip on a friend’s runabout, you’ll probably see them floating aimlessly in the water—discarded party balloons.

They’re downright dangerous to the #environment. https://t.co/FRk4P0b1Tx
Peace comes when you realize how you react to life's situations is more important than the situation itself. ~ Stefan Pinto
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