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Latest Scoops

Woolsey fire containment reaches 88%, with full containment expected by Thanksgiving https://t.co/1uv1SLg90I
Six Flags Magic Mountain helps families this holiday season https://t.co/57YUNEnRYX
Mickey Mouse nighttime show coming to Disneyland https://t.co/bgD4csvT3e
Riverside’s Festival of Lights: 5 tips to make the most of the event https://t.co/L4h0z2TOSN
Gold Line extension may be cut short, leaving cities to ask, ‘Now what?’ https://t.co/kg0F4QxY6s
Should I stay or should I go? Firefighters, residents debate whether to evacuate during the Woolsey fire https://t.co/8a8SPh1YLh
Opinion: Going after Trump by attacking the King https://t.co/8N8jjFaT76
Opinion: New Medicare price controls don’t put ‘America first’ https://t.co/djrlPvDmWa
Six Flags Magic Mountain pays off its lost World Series wager by celebrating Red Sox win https://t.co/fZyt8xxxWr
Homicide investigation launched after body found along Angeles Crest Highway https://t.co/T28ZcoXuXr
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