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Latest Scoops

Woman accused in 2016 Glendale child kidnapping attempts found to be insane at the time https://t.co/s5uN5AK2GR
Los Angeles, Irvine high on U.S. cities’ population growth list https://t.co/BFVWonnlhg
World record-setting runner Laszlo Tabori dies at 86 https://t.co/60ehOa1hFY
Overwatch League: Void makes debut as LA Gladiators win, Space leads LA Valiant over Mayhem https://t.co/Aky2x1DLB6
Kenta Maeda strikes out 12 as Dodgers shut out Rockies https://t.co/BbFF5ONFlE
La Serna honors student athletes with special signing day ceremony https://t.co/MxeCF0aw66
Accelerate looking for encore performance in Gold Cup https://t.co/qJFnvz7Cps
UCLA softball’s Bubba Nickles sets tone with selflessness going into NCAA Super Regional https://t.co/ch43esgCzO
Dodgers slugger Cody Bellinger is encouraged to bunt, but not to sacrifice https://t.co/lrLHWVTLIq
What’s in a screen? Tommy John the author believes it might affect Tommy John the surgery https://t.co/6DYuGZWpfk
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