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Latest Scoops

Man accused of removing 4-year-old girl’s clothing while at Pasadena restaurant https://t.co/JEXBffwIS7
Angels eager to see where hard-throwing Ty Buttrey fits in https://t.co/4HfRk0RKVE
Chargers QB Philip Rivers wants to play in preseason, will start vs. Seahawks https://t.co/G0f8SqvGwX
Charter Oak, La Habra enter football season openers searching for answers https://t.co/L3sCLVjtCI
Friday’s Football Previews: Bonita, Los Altos look to make strong first impressions with new coaches https://t.co/RW0MH9N8ba
LAPD says it’s not clear sexual abuse of pit bull actually happened https://t.co/F4CeoeaxYU
You say you want an evolution? Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw has had to adapt in recent years https://t.co/HgRVbWHYQ6
In attempt to save starving orca population, advocacy group sues Trump administration https://t.co/S0UkCsPWpE
How to get into Southern California museums for free in September https://t.co/eOLic05MXo
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