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I have a giant portrait of myself in my house made up of tiny pics of me. Lol

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We started our journey in this industry together...30 years ago.And I’ve seen your graph only grow from strength to strength.And as you are all set to mark your century with #TanhajiTheUnsungWarrior ,I wish you nothing but lots of love and luck.Shine on my friend @ajaydevgn 

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God blessing all the trap niggas

#BreakingNews - A fallout which might just make your day 🙃

This teacher lets his students freestyle on Fridays if they score 80% or more on their weekly assessments. 📚 They killed it.

in honor of this incredible week for Seattle sports, I encourage you to spread whipped cream cheese into your hot dog bun #seattledog  - it will change you

#GoHawks !!! Heart racing as @JayMy_31  kicks a 42 yarder to beat SF in OT snapping the last undefeated streak in the league. I love this game. @DangeRussWilson  MVP hunt continues. @clownejd  @PeteCarroll  GREAT GAME! Wow! Still floored. So proud of our #SEAHAWKS  👍🏼🙏♥️ #12s 

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Maharashtra Politics: Before election: B: I love you S: I love you more. Can’t wait to get married. Post-election: B: People have spoken. Let’s get married. S: Mummy was saying, ek do ladke aur dekh lo. Bas mil lo.

Is a “goodnight beautiful” text message followed by a $20k CashApp notification too much to ask for 😔?

The poor minded individual has an pessimistic perception on life.” — Edward Ellis

My most memorable film experience was working with the greatest director of all time, who insisted I call him Yash Uncle while he called me Zaara, till the day he passed away. I still pinch myself & I'm forever indebted to be a part of this labour of love. ❤ #15YearsOfVeerZaara