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@niazempire  I respond not because Im personally offended by any of them ( in fact if you knew me personally you would know I couldn’t give a shit about most things in life )I respond because I try to help people understand that you can’t just say what you want to people online.

@1dstan_ot5  @Wheres1DLet ’s not do the thing of Niall deserves better because I don’t deserve anything.. let’s just be nicer to eachother and spread the love and laughs . Xx

@niazempire  I’ve been through this 1000 times to help other people. Because we are famous faces and people see us online, on tv, in interviews etc.... doesn’t mean people can say what they want.

@niazempire  It’s effectively the same as walking up to someone in the street and just saying what you want to their faces... you just don’t do it .

Please don’t apologise. You’re fine x

Here is Democrat Jerry Nadler on mail-in voting before President@realDonaldTrump  was president. Quite the difference from the Democrats' stance today, wouldn't you say?

Everything [music] comes from everything else. -John Lennon-

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