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What does the future sound like? To the Senior Strategist @InitiativeWW @maxslonim, it sounds like "convenience." #PandoraCES #CES2019 #SoundOn
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Leaked Renders Reveal Samsung’s Foldable Phone Hours Ahead of Launch Event by @waxeditorial
We don’t deserve them. Let’s see yours! 👇

Our favorite is #Wendy in the summer ☀️ Happy Birthday to @RVsmtown's talented songstress! (edit by 4-velvets)
For deep state believers and Trump supporters, Andy McCabe is the embodiment of a law enforcement agency gone rogue. For most everyone else, he represents Trump's slash-and-burn effort to undermine the rule of law. My column today:
Apple Plans to Let Developers Release Universal Apps That Work Across iPhone, iPad, and Mac by 2021 by @waxeditorial
I love how tech giants think calling some massive betrayal of user trust “an error” makes it all better. Google had a secret mic in Nest Secure. Wtf.

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"Surveillance capitalists" like Google and Facebook sit on a huge asymmetry of knowledge and have become “antithetical to democracy,” says The Age of Surveillance Capitalism author Shoshana Zuboff on Recode Decode:
If the foldable phones of the future look like this, count me in - CNET
“It looks like she left the house in her bathrobe.” 😆
The song my brain boots up by default, is "The Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera. And that's okay, because I like it.

What song does your brain load by default?
If the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum sounds ominous, well, it is. And the world is well on its way to creating a climate just like it
🔥Wow! After watching @WietseWind’s AMA, I’m even more excited about $XRP than ever! 🤗
It almost feels like the XRPL intentionally weeded out mediocrity.
The #XRPCommunity is SO FORTUNATE to have developers with just as much integrity as talent.
#XRPHeroes #AskXRP #DEX
The newly installed attorney general could be preparing to announce the end of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia and President Trump. If Mueller really does "wrap up" the investigation, here's what that could actually mean
"Alphabet executives like to think they're different from the bumbling bureaucrats at Xerox, but it's not clear how different they really are." #Waymo
Much like your company’s IT team uses command-and-control software to fix your computer remotely, a botnet can give a single actor the power to control an army of infected computers. But the Joanap botnet comes with a unique twist.
The first thing I do when I meet someone is immediately yell in their face "I WOULD LIKE TO SEND YOU NOTIFICATIONS ABOUT MY LIFE"

Works as well in person as online, tbh
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