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What does the future sound like? To the Digital Innovation Lead at @NestleUSA @OrchidBertelsen, it sounds like "commands." #PandoraCES #CES2019 #SoundOn
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.@Adweek captures the thoughts of CMOs last week in the midst of #CES2019, including our very own, Aimée Lapic. Watch it here: https://t.co/x3hW9H9pmq
Why should you have a renewed interested in contextual targeting? Check out our Insights Lab 'First Party Data Opportunity" podcast to find out: https://t.co/zxws5Ml6vC #powerofaudio
Our group of industry innovators has the answers: https://t.co/o4UKx0Zq1N
What does the future sound like? To the Managing Partner of Innovation Consumer Technology at @WavemakerUS, it sounds like a "multi-sensory experience." #PandoraCES #CES2019 #SoundOn
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Want to hear something crazy? People spend more time with digital audio than they do on social media. Read more on why digital audio is a must-buy in 2019: https://t.co/NxvLTuGBev
What four common challenges does streaming address for advertisers? Read from the perspective of @schanzman, our SVP Agency and Advertiser Development in @MarTechAdvisor https://t.co/GMV3w43T3S
What does the future sound like? To the Senior Strategist @InitiativeWW @maxslonim, it sounds like "convenience." #PandoraCES #CES2019 #SoundOn
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According to influencer @rishad, we are entering the Third Connected Era. Check out his post-CES thoughts here: https://t.co/vBSOSxsOGN #CES2019
What does the future sound like? To our VP of Content, Programming & Insights, it sounds "immersive." #SoundOn#CES2019#PandoraCES
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