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We're the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) organization. We engage in education and advocacy to protect and advance women's health and rights.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated his life to the idea that racial and economic justice are foundational to our democracy. Today, we honor his courageous vision and radical action — and commit to furthering his dream by continuing the fight for justice. #MLKday
Though temporary, a court's decision to protect #DACA and #Dreamers makes a powerful statement. The #Trump admin's anti-immigration policies are unconstitutional: https://t.co/BGpWLKhp22
Abortion bans.
So-called "tax-reform."
All three versions of Trumpcare.

Given the countless attacks on our health care last year, we're getting ready — and you should too.

Here's what you can do RIGHT NOW to be prepared: https://t.co/K3woFbJ7Kr #WeWontGoBack
Every month, @CREDOMobile donates over $150K to the causes you care about.

Just a few clicks can help Planned Parenthood health centers near you: https://t.co/2oKvd6o4R0
Every vote directs donations to Planned Parenthood health centers: https://t.co/LCGCFGBhJN

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This is an attack on people who've built careers, started families, and created communities here. https://t.co/VZOSSH6afE #SaveTPS
.@CREDOMobile stands with Planned Parenthood.

Every vote = donations to health centers


For a reminder on what oppressive abortion laws looks like and why we need to #saveTPS, WATCH @franifio's video @NatGeo 2/2: https://t.co/a3JtliY87g @ppglobe
What do you think needs to happen to end a culture of rampant sexual harassment and assault?
Who does Medicaid cover?

✔︎ low-income people
✔︎ seniors
✔︎ people with disabilities
✔︎ pregnant women
✔︎ children
✔︎ people going to school
✔︎ parents of sick children

Here's how it would hurt people with disabilities: https://t.co/uJpi3wr5c5
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