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  3. you're going to want to bookmark this for party season.
You're going to want to bookmark this for party season. https://t.co/KA8JPKGyhw


Giggling in anticipation for this Wednesday’s show only on E! @HMTylerHenry you won’t believe what to#TylerHenryld me. 😇 . @e_entertainmenthttps://t.co/pvoroAifTN
if you are asked to write an article from that tweet, you work for the worst company in the world. do not let them force you to write stupid tweet stories. take a stand! you are better than this, dammit!
This is the worst foundation I have ever worn... and I’ve worn a lot.
Smells like house paint, wore for 6 hrs & it’s moved, it’s greasy feeling, & has completely rubbed off in areas. I GAVE YOU A CHANCE WET N WILD. Bad. No.
#VHS now:
WHAT about NI makes you want to leave it? And what makes you stay?
Virtual dating. Would you date someone you never saw or even someone who wasn't real? Apparently we will in the future.
Bernard MacLaverty is this weeks #WhenIWas25

Listen: https://t.co/0PUG0oKwDV
"Thank you for all the initiatives taken to honor Tim...We are grateful for the privacy during this difficult time. Our wish is that it continues that way." RIP, Avicii. https://t.co/i8mwGPZD7i
.. and most importantly getting to meet all of YOU while playing shows... this album will be apart of me for the rest of my life. thank you, symphony soldier and @TheCab. happy birthday.
Let's party amigos, the biggest party in Latin music is finally here! 🎶 And with the celebration live from Vegas, it’s party you do not want to miss. The Latin Billboard Music Awards are Thursday on Telemundo. @LatinBillboards #Billboards2018
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