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  3. you're going to want to bookmark this for party season.
You're going to want to bookmark this for party season. https://t.co/KA8JPKGyhw


Thank you UK for making #GOLDEN ..... G🌟LD!!!!!!! 🙌🏻😍🤪🎤😘 I’m so happy this album has a place in your hearts and your stories!!!
It was the Gardeners' Corner phone-in this morning and @DavidGMaxwell was also at Rose Week which continues until tomorrow @belfastcc - if you missed the programme or want to listen again to scribble down those plant names click here - https://t.co/swYTZ7mP6Z
Happy Weekend-ing (not sure that's a thing but I'm going with it) 😂 I'm having a productive day catching up on work today before spending tomorrow with friends 💗 I'd love to know what you have planned, let me know below 😘 (outfit tagged for those of… https://t.co/WnQ1J8UrbS
Thank you for this Paul.
Cuz I want ya and I need ya and I’m down for you always
This HAPPY that I am going LIVE on Facebook today at 12 ❤️❤️ see you all there ✌️ JJx
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