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Latest Scoops

These Lydia Deetz makeup looks are the perfect Halloween costume for the strange and unusual. https://t.co/NF2U7fqLVd
Rihanna released a witchy @fentybeauty tutorial for Halloween: "I'm gonna be a total YouTuber now." 🌙 https://t.co/A7RSUvYqti
You need to try these new sheet masks from @Blissworld https://t.co/cBtiixpCu3
.@CiateLondon has the one palette you'll want for the holidays. https://t.co/UIIlrb5PJ9
Right in time for the holidays, @Nordstrom released beauty gift sets https://t.co/IOZ2AEWdnM
Never wear hair accessories? This line from @SincerelyJules and @scunciHair will change your mind. 🎀 https://t.co/KBDfSFs9zn
You'll want to take this palette everywhere with you https://t.co/gYX3zn8q4I
Find out how to meet fellow beauty lovers IRL at #Sephora! #ad https://t.co/2ppvH23FmO
You probably have all these shades hiding under your bathroom sink. https://t.co/2Erv4QRi6B
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