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You are never going to get past Betty and Jughead. Sleuths on the case! #Riverdale 

OK, glad to hear that no cannibalism actually occurred during this episode. Although, seeing dead Jason still around gives me the creeps #Riverdale 

Also, does anyone else keep forgetting this is a Thanksgiving episode?!? This is NOT what my Thanksgiving looks like. Much less violence, much more eating. #Riverdale 

“We monitor our patients very closely” #Riverdale 

This memorial to Fred is truly pulling on my heartstrings 😭 #Riverdale 

Thanks for tuning in for another crazy episode of #Riverdale  with me! Catch us watching again on Dec. 4. @LilliBoice  signing off ✌️

@StormReid 's white bell bottom jeans from @FreePeople  pair perfectly with her @Prada  heels. 👠

From cool Winter coats to the hottest shoes of the year 🛍


Whether they're Team Edward or Jacob, all your friends can now stay in Bella Swan's house. 🧛‍♂️🐺

@ddlovato 's reason for going fully nude in @VanityFair  will inspire you beyond belief:

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Tessa Thompson is making Marvel history! 👏

@MileyCyrus  never fails to put it all out there during a performance 😢 #VMAs 

#Rihanna opens up about why she turned down the Super Bowl.

What's better than @Simone_Biles 's boyfriend @staceyervinjr  being her biggest fan? Nothing!

@KellyClarkson 's kids asked Jason Momoa questions about Aquaman, and it was too darn pure. 😂