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Michael Anton thinks that to fix politics, we should secure the border, change our asylum practices, stop “catch and release,” and end the diversity lottery and chain migration

@GovernorBullock  thinks corporations should disclose all campaign spending:

Idea: Nominate Only Women to Open Congressional Seats

Politics is going to make people angry, writes @KateBornstein . But that doesn’t justify being mean.

How to tackle fake news, voter ignorance, our social media addiction and more:

"If we allow folks to continue to try and undo progress on social, civil, economic and gender rights, we can’t move on to restoring faith in government’s ability to administer justice fairly," writes @TimRyan :

One of our reader submissions: America should get rid of the Electoral College. How would you fix politics?

“In a cable-besotted mediasphere, our public discourse has clearly broken down,” writes @lehmannchris . Is it time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine?


Jerry Falwell Jr. repeatedly claimed that photos in a story we ran yesterday — showing him in a Miami nightclub — were photoshopped. That prompted a Miami-based website to dig into their photo archives, where they found even more photos of him:

“He is terrified,” says Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio. “This is 40 years of deceit coming home to torment him.”

Khizr Khan didn't use the teleprompter. There was nothing to put on it, because he had written nothing down.

Now is the time to say it as loudly as possible: Harvey is what climate change looks like.

Trump made $50,000 per episode for season one of "The Apprentice." For season two, “he wanted a million dollars an episode,” said Jeff Zucker, then the head of NBC. He settled for $60,000 an episode. “We ended up paying him what we wanted to pay him.”

“It is our job,” Kavanaugh wrote in an email to his colleagues in Ken Starr’s office, “to make [Clinton's] pattern of revolting behavior clear — piece by painful piece.”

In his new memoir, John McCain concedes that the war in Iraq he fought so hard to launch and then escalate now “can’t be judged as anything other than a mistake, a very serious one, and I have to accept my share of the blame for it.”

The attorney general has made a total hash of the Mueller report, undermining the very department he runs, writes :

"As a former federal prosecutor, when I look at Mueller’s work, I don’t see a murky set of facts. I see a case meticulously laid out by a prosecutor who knew he was not allowed to bring it." More from :