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The newly elected leader of Germany’s Christian Democrats, Armin Laschet, is likely to continue the centrist course set by Merkel.

The WHO has a mechanism in place designed to prevent the unequal distribution of vaccines, but in some cases that still happened. The consequences will be suffered by the world’s poorest countries, WHO chief warns.

The new coronavirus variants are spreading across Europe, as governments are racing to get people vaccinated.

European Commission members travelled to Portugal, where the coronavirus is surging, for meetings. A spokesperson had said safety precautions would be taken.

The UK is expanding vaccine roll-out to two additional vulnerable groups, as 10 new vaccination centers open across England.

Italy was thrown into political crisis last week, when Matteo Renzi pulled his party out of the coalition government. The country’s future is being decided this week, and PM Giuseppe Conte is calling for support.

OPINION: Last summer’s George Floyd protests offered a lesson: “different communities within the same country have vastly different experiences with law enforcement.” Last week’s protests in Brussels show Belgium hasn't yet learned that lesson.

Protesters toppled statues of controversial historical figures in Britain last summer. The government is now trying to prevent this from happening again, saying all aspects of history must be taught and remembered.

In today's coronavirus news: 💉 A "moral failure" in vaccine distribution CH The South African variant, now in SwitzerlandNONorwegian concerns over vaccine side effects More here 👉

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A coronavirus test taken at a hospital in Germany last week showed an “abnormality” that didn’t look like the coronavirus variants from the UK, South Africa or Brazil. That’s because it’s a new variant.


OPINION: Catalan independence is a legitimate cause, and popular support remains strong for it.

Victoria Marinova, a Bulgarian journalist who was reporting on an investigation into alleged corruption involving EU funds, was murdered Saturday

How Catalan secessionists became the world champions of peaceful mobilization

What happened with Navalny? His return to Russia started with his plane landing at a different airport than expected. He was detained there, and is now in a make-shift courtroom inside a police station. An impromptu hearing is underway 👇

Rajoy had to choose between being labeled a dictator or being ridiculed for inaction — and he chose the former

Hundreds in Spain protest the removal of the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from a controversial memorial