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The proposals come ahead of a meeting of EU finance ministers tasked with brokering a coordinated approach to the coronavirus crisis after leaders failed last week to reach a compromise

POLITICO canvassed analysts and industry executives to plot six areas where automakers want policymakers to step in

Everyone in Poland under quarantine will be required to download a government app that tracks their movements

The European Parliament offers one of its buildings in Brussels to help in the fight against coronavirus

Nobody expected much from her, and she mostly stayed out of the limelight. Then came the #coronavirus 

The announcement comes in the wake of significant criticism of the UK government’s slow progress to increase its testing capacity

Researchers and regulators are working to compress the typical six-to-10-year time frame it usually takes for vaccines to get developed, approved and marketed to the public

OPINION: Even for a country known for its straight-talking approach, the Dutch response to the coronavirus epidemic seemed over the top

If Southern Europe is going to win Berlin’s support for more generous assistance, it will need to convince Germans that their own prosperity is at stake


Victoria Marinova, a Bulgarian journalist who was reporting on an investigation into alleged corruption involving EU funds, was murdered Saturday

How Catalan secessionists became the world champions of peaceful mobilization

Hundreds in Spain protest the removal of the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from a controversial memorial

Rajoy had to choose between being labeled a dictator or being ridiculed for inaction — and he chose the former

The veterinary department of Liège’s university has confirmed a cat in Belgium contracted coronavirus. (Yes, you read that correctly.) More here 👇