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OPINION: Scotland wants to leave the UK. Here's how to stop it from doing so: 📌 Scots don't like Boris Johnson. So stay away. 📌 Rely on the Labour Party More suggestions here 👇

The negotiations remain the last major obstacle to getting a deal on the EU's €750 billion recovery fund.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán: Hungary could claim victory over the coronavirus by next spring.

At least eight people died and hundreds were injured in Greece and Turkey following an earthquake.

In today's coronavirus new: 🇪🇺 EU leaders pledged to step up cooperation. IE Nursing home cases in Ireland are increasing. More 👇

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If Biden wins, his foreign policy could be a tale of the two Tonys...

Belgium enters a second coronavirus lockdown: Shops deemed non-essential to close and family visits outlawed. School holiday will be extended until November 15.

The supermarkets may have TVs and clothes — but they can't sell you those items. These are Ireland's new coronavirus restrictions.


Hundreds in Spain protest the removal of the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from a controversial memorial

OPINION: Catalan independence is a legitimate cause, and popular support remains strong for it.

Victoria Marinova, a Bulgarian journalist who was reporting on an investigation into alleged corruption involving EU funds, was murdered Saturday

How Catalan secessionists became the world champions of peaceful mobilization

Rajoy had to choose between being labeled a dictator or being ridiculed for inaction — and he chose the former