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Social media companies once considered themselves neutral platforms for free speech. That changed with the pandemic, as misinformation came with harrowing consequences. These platforms soon became arbiters of information.

The European Commission has launched an investigation into France’s lottery operator. Following complaints, the EU is concerned France granted the operator, formerly a state-controlled monopoly, preferential treatment.

Cuba’s embassy in Paris was attacked with petrol bombs this morning. Damage was caused to the building but those inside were not harmed. The Cuban Foreign ministry condemned the attack, and the foreign minister called it “a terrorist attack.”

OPINION: "Every day we see criminals using encryption to facilitate their crimes. And as law enforcement, we are losing the ability to keep people safe."

A study comparing the efficacy of the BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines against several variants found that just one dose offers higher protection against the Delta variant than previous studies have shown.

Children between the ages of 12 and 15 will be offered coronavirus vaccines in Ireland starting next month. They’ll have a choice between the Pfizer and Moderna shots.

France’s competition regulator has imposed sanctions worth €125 million on four eyewear companies for imposing sale prices on their retailers and forbidding them from selling online.

DE Two months before Germany elects a new chancellor, devastating floods have turned the political focus on one topic: global warming. What are the candidates' stances on climate change, and how does this affect their chances? We've broken it down👇

Sweden has become a battleground between loggers and climate activists.


OPINION: Catalan independence is a legitimate cause, and popular support remains strong for it.

What happened with Navalny? His return to Russia started with his plane landing at a different airport than expected. He was detained there, and is now in a make-shift courtroom inside a police station. An impromptu hearing is underway ?

Incumbent authoritarian President Aleksander Lukashenko claims 79.7 percent of the vote in Belarus after a campaign marked by protests and intimidation

The veterinary department of Liège’s university has confirmed a cat in Belgium contracted coronavirus. (Yes, you read that correctly.) More here ?

Dominic Raab has been named “designated survivor” by Downing Street if Boris Johnson or his top aides are taken ill during the coronavirus crisis

Germany has followed the lead of Australia, Canada and the UK in suspending their extradition agreement with Hong Kong

OPINION: Until the Spanish state makes profound structural reforms, the country cannot claim to function as an exemplary democracy.