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We embarked on a course of fiscal consolidation. We entered for 1st time into a monetary framework agreement with RBI to curb inflation: PM

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This is very simple. #HongKong  autonomy is the reason the U.S. treats it differently than mainland #China . If Beijing moves to take away autonomy there is no longer any rationale for special treatment.

New ABC/Ipsos poll: 51% of Americans say Trump should be impeached *and removed* 58% say they're following impeachment hearings closely 70% say it was wrong to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival (i.e., the call was not "perfect")

"It is sometimes claimed that I am anti-business, actually this is nonsense" - Jeremy Corbyn tells CBI conference if Labour wins the election "you're going to see more investment than you've ever dreamt of" Latest:

In both cases, Trump-Russia and now Trump-Ukraine, Democrats fought hard to keep secret the origins of investigations that have shaken the nation, deeply divided the electorate, and affected the future of the presidency.

Prince Andrew is yet another example of how the British Establishment works: it's one rule for them, one rule for everyone else.

It was on this day in 2003 that Labour pushed through a bill to repeal the Conservatives’ homophobic policy Section 28. This serves as a reminder for the current Conservative Cabinet’s record on LGBT+ rights. Here’s what you need to know 👇

Economist Liam Halligan on election spending plans “A lot more borrowing is fashionable, even Tories are suggesting they will do that now, everyone is sick of austerity, but economically-credible people need to point out there are limits” #politicslive 

An RTI has revealed the BJP govt pretended to ask the RBI for its opinion on the Electoral Bond Scheme only to dismiss its reservations & summarily pass a scheme that allows corporates to secretly transfer money to political parties. #KhaayaBhiKhilaayaBhi 

From Jan to Sept 2019, DJB tested 1 Lakh 50 thousand water samples all acroos Delhi ✅98.57 % samples passed the quality test @ArvindKejriwal  Govt has committed itself in providing safe, subsidised drinking water to all residents of Delhi