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David Carson

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Were Catholics Attacked by Black Lives Matter Protesters in St. Louis? via @snopes 

The couple that pointed their guns at protesters in front of their house in St. Louis...This wasn’t the first time the McCloskeys pulled a gun to protect property, lawsuit says via by @stltoday  @tonymess 

Does Vegas take bets on who Biden’s VP candidate will be? @TammyforIL  has been all over the news for weeks. But @NYT  story last week could be like a Sports Illustrated cover curse.

I’m watching Hamilton right now, I know geek, but it seems like it was filmed in an empty theater or the audeirnce is lame and missing the jokes. The audience noise seems added in post production.

Metal giraffe stolen from Civil Life brewery via by “I thought, ‘nobo @stltodayy  i @NassimBnchabane  going to take a 13-foot giraffe,’” Hafner said. “Famous last words."

Remember Mark and Patricia McCloskey? The couple became instant memes when they pointed guns at protesters marching past their marble-faced palazzo in St. Loius. Here is a deeper look at their history via by @stltoday  @jeremykohler 

It’s not a McMansion, it’s a legit old school mansion, 100+ years-old

@JCoopPhoto  The thing that made me question her experience covering demonstrations/protests was she said there were armed people in the crowd. I mean yeah, it’s Missouri, what did you expect? We have very relaxed gun laws in Missouri, there are always people carrying guns in a crowd.


Two girls just walked past us told the cops to suck their dick then pointed to us and told us to report it OK

Supermoon St. Louis from the Compton Hill Water Tower#supermoon  #stl  Vertical or horizontal? More pix coming at & in print Monday

Police just chanted "Whose Streets, our streets" on Tucker Blvd after making arrests

Guy on his way home from work gets stuck in traffic because of protest march in Richmond Heights near St. Louis. He’s loving it.

It was chanted twice, AP journalists heard it too, I confirmed w/ 5x civilians standing closer to cops who chanted & with 2x cops at scene

Jalen Thompson, 17, was one of the organizers of the march for #GeorgeFloyd  in O’Fallon, Mo. The march he organized drew 1,500-2000 people. Police joined in the march with them.

Front pages of whom employ a staff of pro photographers & who laid off all their photogs. Iconic v Forgetable

O’Fallon police chief marches with demonstrators in O’Fallon Missouri

#Ferguson some great people gave me shelter in their house, gave me water, love these guys

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Frantic scene in CWE, man in minivan hits protesters, flashes gun at protesters who surrounded his car #Ferguson  #stl