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Butuka Campus, a symbolic project of #China-#PapuaNewGuinea friendship, stands ready to host 2,700 local students. The top-class campus in the Southern Pacific region was build under the support of Chinese engineers. https://t.co/CScgfnUMuX #APEC2018
Breathtaking: Photos taken in NE China's Mudanjiang show water cascade down Diaoshuilou Falls flanked by snow-covered land, a rare phenomenon seen for the first time in nearly three decades.
President Xi Jinping attended the welcome ceremony held by Papua New Guinea Governor-General Bob Dadae in the capital Port Moresby on Friday, marking his first visit to PNG and the first-ever visit to PNG by a Chinese president.
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From Papua New Guinea, to Fiji, to Tonga, to Vanuatu, China has sent batches of seasoned doctors and the latest medical equipment to the Pacific island countries to carry out medical cooperation and improve the local health systems. #APEC2018 https://t.co/KO0MpCwOmj
International Convention Center, airport expressway, a main avenue, and other infrastructures constructed by the Chinese government help ensure the successful operation of #APEC2018 in Papua New Guinea. https://t.co/xH13bTeaGd
#BREAKING: Chinese President Xi Jinping and Papua New Guinea PM Peter O'Neill agree to set up a comprehensive strategic partnership between their countries based on mutual respect and common development
“Don’t be shy and take a sip of the exhaust water. It’s drinkable.” Move 15 years forward and China is now the world’s only developing country that has continually promoted hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology projects. https://t.co/AzTM74rZIo #HydrogEnenergy #Fuelcell
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#Auspicious, a set of Chinese classical furniture carved by artist Chen Yushu, makes its debut at the #APEC2018 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, to honor and enhance the time-honored friendship between the two countries. https://t.co/9B4q713awv
Chinese-aided Juncao technology brings tangible benefits to locals in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and other Pacific island nations, as it develops a low-cost mushroom cultivation industry, which also produces cattle feed and minimizes soil erosion. https://t.co/Llm9d5AOZK
Chinese Premier Li has proposed to speed up talks on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (#RCEP) and the trilateral #FTA between China, Japan and South Korea at the 21st ASEAN-China, Japan and South Korea (10+3) leaders' meeting on Thursday.
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