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Latest Scoops

An award-winning start up co-founded by MBA Meredith Caldwell aims to reduce the anxiety of diabetes treatment. Find out how: https://t.co/xhr1M93JX3
There are two distinct elements to any negotiation. Separating the specifics of the matter from perceptions about the people. Hear more from Tim Cullen MBE. #OxfordNegotiation https://t.co/RGRHzMFF65
Economics and Management alumnus Alex McCallion is the founder of Greater Change, a start up that helps users donate to the homeless in an increasingly cashless society. Watch this BBC video to learn how it works:
https://t.co/qZzDikZuWe @GreaterChangeUK @OxUInnovation
"Rather than the usual political, legal or economic perspectives on Brexit, let’s consider it as a project." Janet Smart, Reader in Operations Management unpacks Brexit as a Major Project. https://t.co/NI8EkB2WCB
The Career Development Centre provides continuous expert support to ensure students have access to the skills, the knowledge and the professional contacts to secure top jobs in finance. Meet our Masters in Finance students who share their career stories https://t.co/DqjxhD8qI4
In this fascinating #FutureProof podcast from @Kantar and @OxfordSBS Dr @rhondahadi explains the impact to #brands and #consumers as #technology becomes more pervasive and human-like https://t.co/UNsKuvMp7Y
Students on the #OxfordMFE share their career stories and how they achieved their fullest potential with the support of the careers team #finance #masters #economics #careerdevelopment #oxford https://t.co/7AzDTDGLbX
New on the EMBA blog: "Leading with Purpose in a Networked World" - Amel Najjar reflects on Oxford Saïd’s first ever Aspen Institute Leadership Seminar. https://t.co/FqIZY2HWO2
What's next for #PrivateEquity? Our Professor of Finance for the Oxford Private Equity Programme: https://t.co/8XorPqOEHd, Tim Jenkinson, discusses the ins and outs of the private equity sector. https://t.co/Z9YbWwTt2V
Register for our Oxford Executive MBA Open Evening on Tuesday 7 August. Meet current students and learn about their journey. Book your place: https://t.co/NjU0vMDqgu
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