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Sarah Wollaston, Anna Soubry and Heidi Allen should now do the right thing and offer their constituents a People's Vote on whether they still want them to represent them.
@ShonaMurrayNT In this particular case, an accountable elected politician provided an excuse for an offensive comment which does not stand up to scrutiny - she hadn't done 6 hours of media at all - and surely journalists should be scrutinising that fact.
Which is why I'm in a very good position to know about the politics of my peers, Keren.
Um that's not the point at all. She said she was tired because she'd done 6 hours of interviews, which was completely untrue.
The reason your majority suddenly dramatically increased compared to 2 years earlier, @ChukaUmunna , was the same reason as other MPs: the radical policies Labour proposed.

But there’s only one way to finally settle this argument, and that’s for you to stand in a byelection.
Saying this will annoy them a lot, but what really annoys them is they know it’s true.
Just a heads up. There’s no demographic in Britain to whom this new party appeals to more than senior journalists at national broadcasters and newspapers. It’s their worldview made into a party. Do bear that in mind in the coverage in the days and weeks ahead.
"James Goddard, so what first attracted you to the migrant-bashing, Windrush generation-persecuting, Islamophobic Conservative Party?"

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The Spanish police are now beating up Catalan firefighters. This is an absolute shocker. #CatalanReferendum
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Catalan firefighters defending voters from the Spanish police. Absolutely astonishing.
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This really can't be tweeted enough. This is a work of art.
Donald Trump is planning to sneak into Britain to avoid protests. RT if you're willing to commit to protesting this bigot at short notice ✊
Please share this statement by @AdaColau, Mayor of Barcelona, on the #CatalanReferendum
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The whole world is watching you, @marianorajoy. Your brutal war on democracy is an international disgrace. #CatalanReferendum
I've been accused of gloating over Katie Hopkins' sacking. So let me clear: I am absolutely gloating over Katie Hopkins' sacking.
The Spanish government is at war with democracy in Catalonia.
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Here's to Britain's young. You were ridiculed. Patronised. Demonised even. And you may have changed history, whatever happens. #Election2017
The broken Tories are now dependent on an anti-gay, anti-women's rights party linked to Northern Irish extremists. Just sickening.
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