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With most of his party consolidated behind him, @realDonaldTrump  leads his fractured Democratic rivals in fundraising from California.

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Democratic / California

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Clever account of the opening of the Mumbai@tataLitLive  bookfest, ending with my Liebling line:

Trump when asked about tampering with Yovanovitch: "It's a political process, not a legal process ... I'm allowed to speak up"

THREAD: 1/ I’ve met few better, more capable and courageous ambassadors than Marie Yovanovitch. I got to see her in action during a 2017 trip to Ukraine (I’ve made a bunch). Here’s a a quick story from the trip, indicative of her talent.

2/ She met me Lviv, in western Ukraine, my jumping off point to go see the US soldiers sent to train Ukrainian forces. She recommended we have dinner w Lviv’s Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, a major player in national politics and a likely presidential candidate.

3/ He is a reformer, but it’s all relative in Ukraine. He starts complaining about wanting the US to do more about the Kiev government’s control of the media. I can see Marie getting uncomfortable.

4/ She lets him finish and then leans in. “With all due respect, Mr. Mayor, what do you say when people ask you about the TV and radio stations that your family owns?” He freezes, surprised to be called out for his double standard (it doesn’t often happen in Ukraine).

5/ He bristled, but Marie’s message was clear - just because your corruption is less than the next guy’s, doesn’t mean it’s still not corruption. Her toughness made her respected in Ukraine, but it’s also why it’s not surprising that those she called out tried to destroy her.

This whole impeachment thing sets a terrible precedent. From now on, any future president can be dragged into an impeachment show trial based on subjective material from an opposition party, if that party controls the House. I opine:

President @realDonaldTrump : "African American employment is the best it's ever been."