Where is the money coming from in tomorrow's special elections in #NC09  and #NC03 ? Follow it here:

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In Democrats’ own words: "If we don't impeach this President, he will get re-elected."

President @realDonaldTrump  brought the press into today's Cabinet meeting for over an hour. On bringing our troops home:

“Most importantly, it's all being done in the basement of the capitol where no one in the country can see, based on an anonymous person that only Adam Schiff and his staff know.” - @Jim_Jordan 

What other parts of the Constitution does President @realDonaldTrump  think are ‘phony’? Freedom of speech?

After his decision in Syria, we have to look at where else around the world our impulsive, inexperienced president might cut a deal with a foreign dictator in pursuit of what he thinks is in America's best interest, but is demonstrably not.

Nobody having a heart attack or stroke picks their ambulance or ER doc. But when a hospital outsources its physician staffing or ambulance services to a private-equity-owned company, patients can get stuck with outrageous medical bills. It's obscene.

Bit of disquiet over attempts to race thru WAB MP texts: Maastricht took 40 days to pass. WAB is “more serious piece of legislation” - Bill pub’d this eve so MPs have to read overnight. “Looks & smells like it’s being railroaded thru” which they say is “reckless & irresponsible”

TRUMP ON SCHIFF: “Why didn’t he say that he met with the Whistleblower? He knew all about the Whistleblower” Good Question to ask him UNDER OATH

Our military is being massively rebuilt—and its stronger than ever.