Maduro Pleads Foreign Capital / Biden Deal Caracas Interview

Venezuela’s Maduro Pleads for Foreign Capital, Biden Deal in Caracas Interview - BBG

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Maduro Pleads Foreign Capital / Biden Deal Caracas Interview

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🤣🤣 although to be fair, I dig my own grave a lot

I was at Giga Texas yesterday. Team is making excellent progress. Building will be almost a mile long when complete.

Seriously, we’re getting eaten alive. Can’t get to Mars if the bugs eat us first.

"We are taking decisive action now to secure the livelihoods of millions of people that have been threatened by both the pandemic and the unrest." - President Cyril RamaphosaZA#RebuildSouthAfrica 

The Center in #Hillcrest  is offering $50 gift cards to encourage people to get their Covid-19 vaccine. The free walk-up site is open from 10am-3pm

Norway has played a major role in supporting advent of electric vehicles!

The Speaker has done all she can to offer Leader McCarthy the chance to find out exactly what happened on Jan 6. But Republicans don't want a serious investigation. They want a platform to grandstand and spread the big lie. #January6thCommission 

Yuto Horigome of Japan won the first-ever Olympic gold medal in skateboarding 🏅

RT if you agree we should make the #ChildTaxCredit  permanent.

Here are some things to watch at the Tokyo Olympics on Monday. Via @AP