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UK jobless rate highest since 2016 as second COVID-19 lockdown hits - Reuters

McConnell Agrees to Power Sharing Pact, Backs Off on Filibuster - BBG

Senate to Begin Trump Trial Then Pause for Biden Confirmations - BBG

Roberts doesn't want to preside over Trump’s second impeachment trial: Schumer - Fox News

Dollar holds at one-week highs as yuan outperforms - SI

Oil prices tick up alongside European shares, Saudi blast reports - SI


$FIT has options, wow that was fast

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How to be a CFO in 2018. IF you have extra cash: Buyback stock IF you have a line of credit: Buyback stock IF caught in a scandal: Buyback stock IF your product causes cancer: Buyback stock IF your stock is at highs/lows: Buyback stock IF you're a biotech: Offer stock

Coronavirus Stocks Bid Sharply Higher in Pre-market Gilead $GILD +6% Moderna $MRNA +18% Alpha Pro Tech $APT +34% Lakeland Industries $LAKE +42% NanoViricides $NNVC +20% Novavax $NVAX +28% Inovio Pharma $INO +15% Co-Diagnostics $CODX +42% Allied Health Products $AHPI +77%

Bill Gates Says U.S. Virus Testing Has ‘Mind-Blowing’ Problems - BBG

Pornhub SPAC could really blow the top off this market

This is what it looks like now when a trading firm blows up. A screen and tower graveyard that will get picked over by the survivors in the next couple of days. Trading is hard. Gotta fight every day for the right to continue. (PS not me but a firm on my floor)

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