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Latest Scoops

Your reigning 2k Champions are live with this week's Gears 2k!
Check out this clutch clip of @Red_Icy from last week's Fight Night then tune in for some of this week's Gears mayhem!

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WOW! After an incredible 8th game, the results are in. GG's to Avangar!
#OpTicPUBG Takes 2nd place at #IEMKatowice. We are extremely proud of the boys, well done @7TeenTV, @hypoc_
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It's Championship Sunday at #IEMKatowice as #OpTicPUBG enters the last 4 matches at the front of the pack. You won't want to miss this 👊🏽
Watch: https://t.co/HRiJxfEjoY
Get that #Greenwall in chat to show your pride! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
The Halo 2k is on and @FrostyBB is broadcasting our #OpTicHalo squad!
Don't miss the bracket action!
Watch: https://t.co/UcvRfMgW2R
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Hot drop incoming! The first new episode of #OpTicPlays is here!
Where should they drop next time?
Watch: https://t.co/Euhtvx1uHf
Are you at #ESLOne Katowice? Make sure and stop by the Exhibition Hall for signings by #OpTicPUBG at 10:45AM and #OpTicDota at 4:30PM!
Our final match of Stage 1 Week 5 is up next!
Get in chat and show your pride! #GREENWALL
Watch: https://t.co/U0wgkPW66v
So...@turtlebeach we had an idea....
And there you have it!
#OpTicCod: Wins against Mindfreak
#OpTicGears: Wins against EchoFox
It was a good night for the #Greenwall 💚
CWL Pro League week 5 rolls forward with our own #OpTicCoD going head to head with Mindfreak!
Watch: https://t.co/U0wgkPW66v

Get in chat and get that #Greenwall hype going for your boys 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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