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Latest Scoops

The OpTic action isn't done yet folks!

We have @Xplosive streaming this week's Gears of War 2k!
Hop in chat and gas up the squad! 👊👊
Watch:L https://t.co/WH3aA0ipYy
GG's to coL

After nearly an 80 minute game, our squad in #OpTicDota prevails and earns top seed in tomorrow's #TI8 Qualifier bracket!
Awesome work today boys, let's keep it rolling 👊
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Our win over Immortals puts us in a 3 way tie for 1st place in the #TI8 NA Qualifiers!

Whomever wins out in the tie breaker matches will receive a direct invite to TI, the other two teams will drop down to bracket play.

The #OpTicdota action continues: https://t.co/GUtAPOHXEw
GG's to EG.

Our boys in #OpTicDota emerge victorious once again to cap off the first day of NA TI Qualifying matches with a 4-1 record.

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Want a closer look at our new @DXRacer chair that was revealed at E3?

Check out our recap video over on our YouTube channel!
Watch: https://t.co/LYALpJtLJ3
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It seems @Xplosive put on a bit of a show last night during scrims 😵
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We're just getting started.
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Please help us congratulate @RomainBigeard on his promotion to General Manager of OpTic Gaming 👏👏

Read more: https://t.co/ou2GaqLkw2
Kick off #VisionDay with some hype.

We are pleased to announce Arodys "@EnVy_PraizedZ" Dipre as the 5th member of our GOW roster.
The most dominant team in Gears of War history is back and more powerful than ever.

Read mohttps://t.co/gvD8FZUA9tre:
GG's to those of you who snagged one and stepped up your grip game with us today!
Sold out in 35 minutes flat 👌
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