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Latest Scoops

Loot Lake just got better 👀
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We just want it to be Oct. 12th already.
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As the Beta comes to an end, Crim and @OpTicHitch worked together to secure @OpTic_Crimsix's 54th #Blackout win.

How many did you end up with?
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Crimbot strikes again 🤖
@OpTic_Crimsix is literally running circles around people in #Blackout

Watch: https://t.co/QMi1HUY0Lc
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Uncle Jack, our very own @CouRageJD is a finalist for "Esports Personality of the Year"!
Make sure you show your CouRageous pride by going to vote at: https://t.co/EHsQzyTpt3
San Diego, don't miss your chance to meet the most dominant esports team in Gears of War history when they visit your local Microsoft store for the Combine!

Event details: https://t.co/n6pKR2hgsT
The play was clean, but @OpTicHitch's reaction is gold
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Your ATV?
@OpTic_DKarma's ATV.
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