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Why Onision rejected the beautiful Blaire White's interview request...

Are you a fan of Supernatural? Not of Pennywise though... right? 🤡

Because of the Corona virus I am saddened to announce discord conversations on OnisionFans will be limited to 20 people at a time. Thoughts and prayers.

If I wrote for the WWE, this is how it would be...

People kept asking me to start an OnlyFans… I finally did... it's just the stuff I wish I could post, but can't anywhere else. It's going to get weird folks. Very very weird. First 10 people to sign up get half off.

Onision: Here is evidence I am right, this is why I am right. Anti-O: shut up!

Yuuuup. Why you no post it though? Or include the full original emails either? .

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This sums up what happened yesterday in the best way... if you missed the 3 hour stream with @KEEMSTAR  @TheRalphRetort  @billythefridge , it's here:

50% off my OnlyFans for only 10 people. Adults only. New shoot today ♥️ 18+ only!


Every time you call Caitlyn a "he" I will call you an "it" because you don't deserve a gender & it rhymes with what you're a piece of.

When I die, people will laugh, and in that I will have succeeded as a comedian.

#WhitePrivilegeMeans seeing this hashtag and immediately saying to yourself "What are they talking about!? What privilege!?"

We are whatever we wish to be.

What? NO! #HeterosexualPrideDay ? I'm straight and I reject this. WE, ARE NOT, OPPRESSED.

Instead of threatening people online you could: 1. Watch Supernatural. 2. Listen to MCR. 3. Not threaten people. All good options (^_^) ~

"Act your age" - I am not a prisoner of a number.

I'm so proud of all the people who voted to defend the minorities of this country. Thank you for doing what was right. Stay strong.

If you don't support gay marriage, I don't support you being in my life.