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Part time superhero, full time NFL beat writer and columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Snapchat: omarkelly33; Instagram: OmarKelly

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X's and Omar (segment one): Two straight #Dolphins ' wins. Feeling great? | VIDEO #XOmar 

Miami #Dolphins , a team in need of quarterback help, will attend Colin Kaepernick’s workout in Atlanta on Saturday

Do I need Apple TV, or Hulu? No get the Firestick? Wait, get the jailbroken Firestick. No, you need Netflix. But wait, YouTube is available! No....don’t get YouTube, get Amazon. Hold up. Just get the Apps on your phone and stream them to your TV.

I had my doubts for a minute. But Gase can still work that lobbying magic. Embattled New York Jets coach Adam Gase will return next season

#Dolphins safety Reshad Jones (cracked rib) hopes to play vs. Bills

Dolphins rookie LB Andrew Van Ginkel looking forward to his return | VIDEO


Dolphins safety Michael Thomas started breaking up when talking about Trump calling him "a son of a b!tch."

Ya’ll better pay attention. is leading an athlete revolution. It’s not just the NBA he’s trying to change. He’s inspiring NFL players like Antonio Brown to seize their power, and use it. Not one lie told here either.

"If kneeling for your flag is disrespectful then kneeling for your God is disrespectful," Arian Foster said.

Listen here..... former NFL legend Steve Smith just carved up Josh Rosen with the truth. Preach! Remember you been warned.

Dolphins owner Steve Ross spoke with players before their protest, and supports their decision.

Now the speaker system by Kenny Stills locker room is playing NAS. If you know, you know.

I've spent 10 years covering the Dolphins & in that timespan I've seen this franchise do a ton of stupid things. Not signing Jarvis Landry to a multi-year deal, and trading him to Cleveland for two 3rd day draft picks sit right at the top of my list. And I do keep a list.

The Dolphins have shirts showing their support for Colin Kaepernick's push for social justice and racial equality.

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