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The UAE and Saudi Arabia are pouring tens of billions of dollars in renewable energy development, in order to diversify local power generation and to boost oil exports

The world’s most valuable and important metals are key for society’s technological advancement, and a nation that controls them is a superpower

Oil prices continued plunging for a fifth consecutive trading session, dipping by more than 4 percent early on Thursday as the market fears a coronavirus pandemic that could destroy more oil demand in the coming months.

Aramco has reportedly started the preparation process for the international leg of its listing, which most expected to be years away. According to unnamed sources that spoke to Bloomberg, the timeline has been shortened.

Asia, one of the drivers of oil product demand growth is experiencing a significant slowdown in demand growth as the coronavirus impacts its economic activity

African and Latin American countries have accumulated at least $152 billion in debt to Chinese banks, backed by oil and other mineral resources, a study from non-profit the Natural Resource Governance Institute has revealed.

Touted as the holy grail of clean energy, nuclear fusion is now closer than it’s ever been thanks to a new development 40 years in the making

China’s carbon emissions are plunging as a result of lower economic activity in the country’s heartland as a result of the coronavirus

Despite its relatively small hydrocarbon reserves, Oman appears to be seeking to solidify its image as a relative regional safe-haven in order to achieve this financial goal


Should China decide to defy the latest U.S. tariff threat by ramping up imports of Iranian crude oil in open defiance to the U.S. sanctions on Iran, #oilprices  could take a significant hit and plunge by as much as $20-$30 a barrel Full Story: #oilgas 

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BREAKING: Houthi-led drone attack takes half of Saudi oil production offline

Saudi Arabia fired some warning shots on Wednesday morning, threatening it would flood the market with oil if its fellow OPEC members don’t adhere to the output cut deal #geopolitics  #oil  #gas  #energynews  #peakoil  #opec 

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Goldman has doubled down on its bearish oil take and has cut its oil price target by $10 to $53 in Q1 through the end of the year

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The hydrogen fuel cell market has a serious player emerging in South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Corp., which is jumping into the hydrogen truck market to compete with Nikola, Toyota, and Tesla's Cybertruck and Semi.